Tender Mercies


November 2015

This Girl is on Fire!

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Happy Thanksgiving!!!

The Lord seriously opened so many doors for us this week – we were just in the right spot at the right time!  I feel like I am seriously ON FIRE with the spirit of  missionary work! We have been really working on the challenge
President Taggart gave us, the start, stop, and continue. We have
STARTED trying to get better at one Christ like attribute each week,
this week being faith. Then we have STOPPED “just kidding” jokes. And
we CONTINUED having good studies and staying positive…most of the
time haha. but our companionship has had so much more unity since
stopping the just kidding jokes. I got the
idea from mom that long time ago you made us do that, it works so
everyone should do it!  (Editor’s Note from Mom – “I’m always right!)
Monday we taught Mikelle, still figuring out the specifics but she is
preparing to get baptized on December 12th!!!! We are so excited for
her!! She is just the cutest and so excited to receive the gift of the
Holy Spirit! She is 14 and we think she will get to be baptized in our
building even though she lives in another mission!!!!

Wednesday was fantastic! We had 4 hours of knocking on doors that part
was horrible, no one answers bc they are all at work! But for dinner
we went to the Wick’s! A family who converted about a year ago, with 2
lil boys, someone called the missionaries to help them move and then
they got baptized!!! There was stuff in between that, but it started
with service, how cool!? President likes to use them as an example
often. Anyways they are going to the temple to be sealed for time and
all eternity, the day after Thanksgiving!

Next was Bible study! Someone when we were tracting last week,  invited us to
her Bible study at her house about a month ago. We had a bunch of
people advise against it, but my mind just kept going back to it. So
we called and made sure it wouldn’t be just a Bible bash and decided
to go! They were studying Ephesians, and man can I tell you the first
part the spirit was so strong!!! Like one of the most spiritual
experiences on my mission yet! They included us in the discussion and
loved our insights! I could tell this lady’s husband was really
feeling our spirit, like you know when you can tell they are just
really feelin it? He was!!! He said if we had nowhere to go for
Thanksgiving they would take us! How kind?! They aren’t even members of our faith!  I just felt on fire after that night! Like you know the way I get before
gymnastics meets the excited stage not the quiet stage that’s how I
was. Bless sister Webb for putting up with me!

​So ​after the appointment sister Webb and I got dinner and decided we

would walk from there to the store so we could save on miles and dude
miracles happened! We found someone who does a lot of volunteer work
and said he would give us a call when they had some more projects!!!
Then we talked to a man fixing the tail light on his car! Next person
we talked to was sweet Judy and we asked if we would help her with her
groceries and she said “How did you know I was crippled today?!” She
didn’t look in pain but she said Her arthritis was really bad today!
Then she literally started crying!!! Right there in the middle of the
parking lot about how kind we were and how no one is nice anymore” and
how she had no beliefs then she was Jehovah Witness, and now Jewish!
And she wants one of  us to marry her 33 year old son lol! But anyways she
wants to have us over for lunch! I am pretty sure she is the miracle
person to get baptized before the end of the year we have been praying
for in every prayer! Then I gave out a pass along card to someone in the store who turned out to be a less active Y​oung Single Adult​t hat moved here from Utah not too 
long ago! So we got him in contact with the YSA ward! And then as we left the store we spotted a less active we have been trying to get a
hold of for a long time. She was on a scooter wheelchair thingy and
going much faster than sister Webb and I walk, so we ran down the side
of the busy street….in our dresses….with cupcakes in our
hands….in the dark. We caught up to her after a half mile run (small
exaggeration) and finally got to talk to her, though we were a lil out
of breath haha!!! All of that within only 45 minutes!!! Craziness

I’m so grateful for all of your love and support and above all I’m grateful for the​M​an who made it possible, my S​avior, my friend, my brother Jesus Christ! The Lord’s hand is in the details of our lives we just have to slow down and realize it! Have the happiest Thanksgiving!!!!!




#NoMoreFear like  seriously, I rarely feel fear, it’s kinda an awesome blessing.

What are the side effects of taking in too much Vitamin c? When we  were looking for cough drops we found vitamin c drops instead and have been eating them like candy sooo yummy😋 but I worry I’ll start turning orange so if you could look up the details for me that would

be awesome!

Oh how I love Marie, the elderly lady we get to visit each week. She wasn’t doing well this week, she is on  oxygen and her memory is getting worse and worse. She said to me 3x “Oh you’re new when did you get here?” She will probably be passing soon, she was talking about how when she gets better she is going to make us a dinner she was so excited about it and then she said “I promise.” Chills go up and down me, and I realized she would get to keep that promise. I’ll get to have dinner w Marie and we’ll get to teach her about the gospel with her healthy mind. Not here on Earth, but in the next life. I told sister Webb what I felt afterwards and she just cried because she felt the same way.

There is this cute lil lady Maryam, she is from Iran and doesn’t speak the best English so we got her a Persian Book Of Mormon. I love Persians!!!! They are so kind and always give you food and are seriously some of the kindest people I’ve ever met! There are lots of
Persians we run into but no one speaks that language ☹ Also Chinese and Mandarin, I wish I spoke everyone’s language haha!

This week we met a nice lady, Molly, and she is from India! I told her about my obsession with India and said next time she goes she will take me haha all I need is my passport! I wonder if President would allow me to leave the country for an investigator! She said she would read the Book of Mormon, yaaayyy!!

The picture is of Sister Skelly and I on exchanges. The Elders saw us teaching this cute lady and took our picture. I look like such an official missionary, don’t you think??

So we called the churches in our area to see if they had any volunteer  opportunities we could help with. Not everyone has answered, but so far they don’t want our help ☹ we just want to help out, but they feel really weird about it because sadly, so many of the churches here have sermons preaching against Mormons. Some people  out here really don’t like the Mormon teachings and I feel like it’s kinda trendy  to actively preach against us. Some read our books just so they can set us up😕 A lot of them don’t understand that we also believe that Christ is the Messiah and that He died for our sins so we could be made clean. But on the other hand, there are also many who say they have Mormon friends and love us! So you never really know who will answer the door. Lol it keeps you on your toes.

This has been overwhelming me so sister Webb and I had a heart to heart and she gave
me some great advice, God is the reaper and we are the sowers. We  plant the seeds but we aren’t always going to see what they turn into. It just breaks my heart to see these people around me with so much potential and watch them go nowhere when I know they could be sooo much more!!!! But I guess that is how the Lord feels about all of us, He sees the potential we can’t see in ourselves here in this life and in the life to come!


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It’s a little too late for Jesus… It’s never too late for Jesus!

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This week I am learning that God answers specific prayers.

Tuesday was the coolest morning. So we went to walk Blu the pony, and
before we went we asked Heavenly Father to give us an opportunity to
share the gospel with someone there. Usually we see one person, Kenny,
and it’s like hello how are you kinda conversation. But today there
were 3 people there, and we were talking about Blues eye because there was
something wrong with  it and about other horse things and then they went
their separate ways and I was like “aw man I wanted to bring up the
gospel but I didn’t know how.” So we were walking blue back to his
stall and Kenny stops us and asks if we had seen the “17 Miracles” movie
(movie about Mormon pioneers)…I think my mouth might have dropped.
He was browsing Netflix thought it was interesting and watched it!! He
then went on to say they endured some crazy stuff but he thought it
was amazing their faith endured! Then we said if he ever wanted to
learn more just to let us know, and then he brought up how his step
sister recently converted and married in the temple. Dude. The Lord
answers prayers, be patient!  That day was a lil bit crazy, the
struggle was real! But we got to teach a bunch of lessons! Two sweet
girls — one a junior and the other in 7th grade had us come back and
teach them! They used to pray as a family when their grandparents were
around and really miss that. We taught them about the plan of
salvation it went so well and answered sooo many of their questions.
The only thing we worry about is if we will be able to get their
parents’ permission to teach them…we have 2 youth in the ward now who
are so active and have the strongest testimonies but their parents
won’t let them get baptized so they just have to wait, how hard would
that be? Lots of highs and lows but just the best day!
Quote of the week “It’s getting a little too late for Jesus.” Ummm, It’s
never too late for Jesus!!! We have to stay out til 9, and we don’t
have any solid investigators sooo we have to knock on a lot of doors and we hate it! We
feel so bad knocking so late, most people don’t answer the door, but
there are a lot more kind people than you would think! Elder Viñas said this in conference, “Having the companionship of the Spirit will make us better people.
“It will whisper peace and joy to [our] souls, … it will take malice, hatred, envying, strife, and all evil from [our] hearts; and [our] whole desire will be to do good, bring forth righteousness, and build up the kingdom of God” (see Teachings: Joseph Smith, 98). With the influence of the Holy Ghost, we will not be offended, nor will we offend others; we will feel happier, and our minds will be cleaner. Our love for others will increase. We will be more willing to forgive and spread happiness to those around us. We will feel grateful to see how others progress, and we will seek the good in others.”
That’s like the answer to like all our problems!!!!!

Garbage Cans and The Tin Man

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Highlights of this week:

  • My companion hasn’t killed me yet, but she does look at me strangely when I make my famous dolphin noises.
  • San Andres hasn’t happened yet.
  • And El Niño is apparently something to look forward to.
  • Sooo life is pretty much perfect haha. We still have our trials, but the Lord makes them much lighter. I’m so grateful to be one of the Lord’s servants.
  • I guess I startled an old man while he was bringing his garbage cans
    in and he accidentally threw the garbage can at me hahaha It didn’t hit
    me but it was kinda hilarious.
  • Oh yeah I have been having the weirdest dreams, is there a reason for that? I mean like really strange. Mermaid investigators, Hippies, painting furniture on the beach, getting married on my mission then going tracting afterwards, and I feel like everyone in my whole life has shown up in my dreams over the past week…..Is there something I
    can do to make it stop haha.

Now for the important stuff:

The work and finding is pretty slow. But let me tell yeah dinner with “Sister S” was one of my favorite experiences yet. She cared so much she didn’t put mushrooms in the beef stroganoff bc teenagers don’t like mushrooms ( I know I hate them) and she made beignets bc I’m from
Louisiana!! She put so much thought into it. She said she was hesitant to have us over bc she didn’t have any referrals. How kind is she??? She is an amazing painter, like amazing!!! There is this huge painting of the temple in her living room that is perfection. She paints big murals and stuff way cool right!? Anyways all her kids are grown up, and sister Webb shared the “Behold thy mother” talk with her. Just a part of it and she broke down and cried. I just had so much love for this woman, it was a one of a kind moment I’ll never forget her. Ohh
and her food was the bomb soooo yummmmy.The two sisters I talked about last week…we went to see them again this week and do service and reteach the gospel of Jesus Christ. They both have been through sooo much and continue to have many obstacles placed in their path yet their faith endures. It is so inspiring I can just feel the love they have for the Savior! We are
the ones supposed to be helping them but they are helping us so much more. I want to always be grateful for the little things, y’all never take nothing for granted bc when you do the Lord will find a way to take it away. We don’t need the worldly things, all we need is the
Lord and the sooner we realize that the happier we will be even in times of trial. He takes things from us like loved ones, shelter, pride, health and more bc He needs us to fully rely on Him. If we aren’t fully relying on Him how do we expect to return to Him? Every trial is a blessing. Even if it feels like the most unfair thing, it is their for a divine purpose. In God we Trust. Like the penny story mom shared with me. I just love that. Always trust in Him bc Christ
never fails us. Moroni 7:46 replace the word charity w Christ. Then ponder on that, it will make you cry:)

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