Tender Mercies


January 2016

Cupcakes Make Us Happy!

Thought of the week “…I would that ye should impart of your
substance to the poor…according to their wants.” [Mosiah 4:26] We
can’t just force what people NEED upon them, they have to want it. You
can’t help the homeless get a home unless they want it. It reminds me
a lot of the Atonement, the sacrifice Christ has made for us all and
we have been given the chance to accept or reject. He will not force
repentance or salvation upon you, He will give you what you want. He
would love to give you all that you need and more, but because God
loves agency He will only give according to our wants. This is seen
all throughout the scriptures “knock and it shall be opened.” We can’t
be upset when when the people we try to help don’t WANT our help even
though they NEED our help. We have to learn to love the agency God has
given us and see it a beautiful thing rather than a burden or

This week was really hard. Lots of people dropped us ☹ sooo that was
sad but I’ve learned a lot! Some members gave us these really amazing
cupcakes! The Spirit taught some solid lessons and totally inspired us
to be in the right place at the right time. Our numbers were low this
week, but quality of quantity right? We had exchanges, Sister Belnap
came to our area with me, she was here for 7 months of her mission so
she informed me on lots of people! She is also my great grandmother!
You trainer is your mom, your trainers trainer is grandmother and so
on so that was really cool! sister Paulson is really great she is
really good w words which give me a chance to disern what the people
need, unlike my last companionship where I was the talker! I like it!
I’m trying to be more personable and make things more natural. It is
an awkward thing we do everyday, but we can make it more smooth and
natural with the Spirit’s help! I We had ribs and grits at the
Majdalis 😊 That made me happy happy happy! And we taught some
lessons! We felt so inspired to go somewhere and we did and the Spirit
is just the coolest thing ever! The church is true the book is blue.
Sending all my love,
Sister Hawkins


I Love the Gospel!

Someone won the lottery in Chino Hills? Chino Hills is just around the
corner!!! Ahh soooo cool! Another mission but still close! Thank you so much for the King Cakes!! We all loved them so much! We shared one with the Elders and Sister Paulson and I kept the other one for ourselves!
This was our last week walking Blu the Pony! Everyone say goodbye to Blu! We are going to paint picnic tables this week for the City this week!
Monday we had dinner with the Swainstons which means we get to see Imorie and Mikelle! They had us play that game where you eat a jelly bean and it might be good or gross. I got skunk spray and barf…I couldn’t wait to brush my teeth after that haha. Sister Scott and her son Jared took us out for sushi 🙂 I have missed sushi.
We met this amazing woman: single mom who has searched for faith but
just hasn’t felt it. She wants faith so badly just hasn’t felt that
spark. I’ve been searching for the answer to her question-
Why do bad things happen to good people?
We’ve met a lot of people who live in different missions that we got
to refer this week! I know someday they will be baptized, I just
probably wont know about it, haha!
This week was tough we were both just drained mentally and physically,
but there were many tender mercies during the week, and it couldn’t have
ended on a better note!
We found a man who was Mormon in Hong Kong when he was really little,
but hasn’t been in a long while and we have a lesson with him and some
members! My first legit member present lesson! Chase,our progressing,
investigator is still progressing!! Our friend Al who was also very
interested sadly dropped us bc his wife wasn’t okay with him taking
the lessons…someday.
Friday was disappointing  – we got dropped by Al, rude people, no one
came to Book of Mormon class, but sister Paulen had a prompting right
before curfew, so we run to these peoples house and have the most
amazing lesson. The whole time we were teaching I was thinking –  this
cannot be real, is someone playing a joke on us but we found a family
that want to take the lessons together!!!!!
Best story yet: So a while back I had this insanely strong prompting
to talk to this woman outside. She was waiting for her sons to come
home from school and she shooed us off and wasn’t interested. Couple
months later Sister Paulson and I tract into a dad and his sons. They
said we can come back. They didn’t keep their appointment so we were a
lil discouraged not expecting anything. The next appointment the whole
family was waiting for us. And the mom is that same woman I met 2
months ago. They said they turned down the opportunity to take the
lessons a year ago and haven’t stopped thinking about it since! We
were talking to the young men’s president at church who said the young
men were working on this kid they wanted to bring to church…guess
who the young man was….the boy in that same family! The parents are
from Africa which just makes this even more exciting! They want to
read the Book Of Mormon and they want us to come back! I never thought
anything so wonderful would ever happen to us! Ahhh I just am so
excited the Lord is so good He is preparing people to hear the Gospel
of Jesus Christ! Keep living/sharing the good word, you never know
what kind of impact you will make on them! OH and be nice to
missionaries that knock on your door because some people aren’t nice and it
makes me sad. I love you all so so so much! I am so grateful for the
opportunity to serve my Savior!
 All my love!
Sister Hawkins

“A Hug a Day Keeps the Grumpies Away!”

This week we had Zone training and President and Sister Taggart.
President Taggart said he could see why Sister Paulson and I could
change an atheists mind! LOL!
We were about ready to leave an area and as I was backing up the car
Sister Paulson said, “Wait I feel like we should go talk to that man.” He
is barbecuing in one of those gated pool areas in an apartment
complex. I felt like we should invite him to the temple tour (which is
a tour of the temple grounds) and that was weird I felt that way bc we
only had 4 invitations, soooo we weren’t planning on giving them to
strangers. But we go to the locked gate and he comes over to let us
in. We introduce ourselves, and says “Oh my gooodness!” Turns out his
brother is married to a Mormon and lives in Utah. He was coming to
visit him the next day. We get a call 40 minutes later from him and he
says “I’ve been looking at this card you gave me and I really want to
go!” Our Excitement level is high!!
We found the cutest lil ice cream place in rite Aid. and it just makes
me really happy.
We have 2 progressing investigators 🙂 the Lord is blessing us big
time! I love them both very much and they are both searching and
looking for more in their lives! Just so prepared to hear the Gospel!
We found this awesome woman from Nigeria we are trying to teach…she
is the cutest and her accent might be my favorite thing!
We met a woman who used to have all the money then she became homeless
and now she isn’t homeless but she is still bitter. Mother Janet, I
love that woman. She invited us to her garage sale so that should be
exciting. We met her on our car fast (going a day without the car) we
met a lot of people that day that the Lord put in our path! Still
seeing so many miracles!!!

I love you all so much! I am so grateful  for my Savior.

There is a talk from Holland that says something along
the lines of…if is hard to be a missionary, but it is just a small
glimpse of how hard it was to be the Savior, salvation was not cheap
why would it be easy? It wasn’t easy for our Savior. I love y’all so much!

Thank you for all the support! I am just so happy  and I wish you could be here with me!

❤️Sister Hawkins

“A hug a day keeps the grumpies away” Ramona

A Week of Miracles

“For behold, I am God; and I am a God of miracles; and I will show
unto the world that I am the same yesterday, today, and forever; and I
work not among the children of men save it be according to their
faith.” 2 Nephi 27:23
My new companion: Sister Paulson>hecka smart>went to BYU>an aaaamazing teacher>very strong testimony>she likes healthy food>likes to run>exactly obedient>she doesn’t know what she wants to be when she
grows up>been out for 7.5 months>she enjoys long walks on the beach>an
amazing artist>embraces the awkward>has 2 pairs of shoes>came from
Garden Grove>currently experiencing culture shock>she has already
taught me sooooo much! I can’t wait to see the Lord help us with the

Mini miracles:

  • I saw a Lamborghini and the guy said I could come back and take a picture with it 🙂
  • We found out about a giant piece of our area we didn’t know about
    buuuut we are pretty sure no one lives there, well at least we
    couldn’t see any houses on google maps…
  • Someone gave us a two layered box of Hawaiian chocolate (our favorite)
  • We met this way awesome guy that said our timing was inspired and he knows God sent us to him.
  • The Miracle Fast: As we took the sacrament or the bread and water at
    church today I was thinking about my Savior. I asked him “What lack I yet?” I really and truly wanted to know what I could do to improve. I
    felt like the Lord was telling me to just hang on and keep doing what
    I’m doing. I was kinda sad bc I wanted something specific I could work on, but the Holy Ghost just prompted me to keep doing what I’m doing and the Lord was happy with what I’ve been giving. After church we were hungry and tired, but we got to work anyways. And man did we see miracles. We taught 7 lessons, not just lil lessons, but like full out. And Parker said he would get baptized! And we just met him today! We were led to soooo many prepared people! It was craaaazy!
    Prompted miracles: Had the prompting to see a less active member who is living with friends who don’t attend any church and it was at the time of day she is never home, we were on the way to dinner, it just didn’t make sense, but I knew I’d regret it if we didn’t go. So we pull over put her address in and she’s only one street over. We knock and she isn’t available but the Lord put words in my mouth as we were talking with the people she lives with and asked if we could come practice teaching the lessons to her and she said yes! We’ve gotten a lot of return appointments this week 🙂
    Small world Miracle: my companion is Carol, my cousins friend! And was in the same grade a Aaron! Like she knows them better than I do! Also the Majdalis niece is Bailey Glass’ companion….the world is sooooo small!
    Unexpected Miracle: Monday we had a prompting to go to the church. It didn’t make much sense, we were confused and honestly quite lost. We were so confused why we were there. Was there gonna be an earthquake? We had no idea and it was kinda scary. We then started worrying about our district. So we gave  them all a call said we felt promoted to call and wanted to make sure they were okay. Everyone was okay. Still feeling lost we decide to go back to our original plans. We do. Not much success but at the end of the night we felt better, yet confused why the Lord needed us to go to the church. On the way home we get a call from our district
    leader and his companion. They said after we called it led one of them to do something, which led to something else, which led to 5 new investigators….which is great and even more great considering they don’t have any at the moment!!!!!
    The extra unexpected miracle: It is Tuesday and it is raining a lot.
    We see a woman and little girl walking in the rain and The spirit
    prompted us to give her our umbrella. So we walk over ask if she’d
    like our umbrella. She was so grateful. We asked if we could come
    share a message with her and she said we could come back. We did and taught her. A young girl walked in the room and sat down. She asked how long we had been out. We asked if she had ever seen missionaries and she said “yes, actually last night” and she ends up being one of the 5 new investigators the Elders found las night😱 can you believe that!?
    My favorite miracle: last house of the night, we find a young man Jay. Jay is the epitome of what every missionary is looking for! He is SOOOOOOOO prepared!!!! He prayed at the end it was so beautiful. While we were teaching (this is horrible of me) but I was wondering if it was a joke! I didn’t think anyone would be so ready and excited to hear about what we had to say. Eeeek we are just so excited.
    As you can see lots of tender mercies this week! The Lord is leading
    the work. All He needs me to do is get moving and listen. We’ve been
    doing just that. I am soo soo tired, but so so happy! I love being a
  • Realization: Part of the reason I came out here is because I
    feel like I have been blessed with more than what I deserve. I wanted
    to do something for God, bc He has done so much for me. As I’ve
    pondered on this week I am wondering why does He keep blessing me with so much? I don’t deserve it. But I’ve realized He will never stop blessing wi more than what I deserve. Just like our parents they keep giving, more than we deserve. He will never forsake us and He will NEVER stop blessing us, because He loves us more than we could ever imagine! I love you all soooooooo much! Stay strong 💪🏽
    Sister Hawkins

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