Tender Mercies


February 2016

Presidents and Laughter

We laughed a lot this week. I don’t remember really what about but it was good.
A member of our ward Austin is leaving for his mission this week. His
mom is way less active and the rest of his family is not members. They
are the ones we had Christmas Eve dinner with. We had dinner with them
this week which was great and we taught his family the Restoration
with his help which was so great! His little sister is the cutest
thing!!! We need to baptize her! She wants to be a missionary like
her big brother!
So we had two farewells this week and I got to speak as well! It was
on the Articles of Faith so it was great! There were so many
visitors there! We had 4 investigators at church! Shore, Mrs. Janet,
and 2 of Austin friends we have taught!
Shore: we finally finished teaching the Restoration – there is a
language barrier and religion barrier so we have to break it down big
time. She has a date for April 16th!!!! The young women did the
coolest lil pizza fundraiser and a bunch of people ended up giving us
their pizza so we brought one to shore and her finace! Their house
is beautiful and she is the bestest painter! Anyways she has some
things to overcome but she is excited for baptism!! Yayyy!!!
Mrs. Janet: the once homeless woman I talked about a while back. In
planing we felt we should go somewhere and I felt Mrs. Janet would be
there and she was! And she came to church and she is great! She has had an insanely hard life and she is really starting to open up to us. I love her bunches!!!
Zone conference this week was the BOMB!!!! Soooo good! Leaned so much! My
fav was they were talking about if you walked up to someone on the
street to give them $100 you know they would want it. We should walk
up to people in the street like that when we are sharing the Gospel.
With confidence that we know they will want the gospel! President
Taggart has also challenged us to study the Atonement for the next 31
days! He made this whole plan of conference talks and scriptures and
all going up to Easter! I am psyched!
We found lots of new solid people this week! Mehdi! We just talked to
him he told us his whole life story and we told him about the Book of
Mormon and we are going back today. He is a single dad. His voice
sounds just like grandpa. Imagine a Muslim Grandpa Hawkins, hehe! His
mom came out and asked if we would take his two girls to church! Ummm
yes! They are solid he loved hearing about the Restoration!
We got to volunteer at Mary’s kitchen which is the coolest thing ever!!!!
We ding dong ditched a bunch of people with all the pizzas we couldn’t eat. I love you all so much! Stay STRONG!


Sister Hawkins


Answered Prayers and Lizards

Shore – the beautiful woman that came into church looking for a place
to pray! Well, she is great! We’ve taught her 3 times, gave her a
church tour, and she came to church all within one week!!! Also we got a
lizard got in the church. The lizards here are not at all like the
‘lil green ones back home. These are huge with different color spots
and terrifying. So Shore showed up while we were running away from the
lizard and trying to get it out and she was like,  give me a glove. And
she chased he lizard around for a bit a caught it. It was much bigger
than the snake we killed Mom! We ran into a few critters this
week….anyways Shore is great! She passed her interview and we will
be extending the invitation baptism next week!  We also tracted into some girl that has always wanted to be baptized just doesn’t know how to soooooo we told her we could help her out with that haha we will see!
So there was this man who was somewhat interested so we went back. His
mother said he wasn’t home, but as we go back to the car we see he has
pulled up with his daughter! So we are talking to him about how busy
they are and how he would give us a call if he found time…and his
daughter says “I want to hear your message” Sister Paulson gave the
most simple and beautiful explanation of the Restoration. And it was
We are just so incredibly blessed to be in such a beautiful area. This
week we did a lot of tracting in the wealthy areas. My idea of a big
house has officially changed. We saw like legit mansions! And we
learned what “No trespassing 602 CPC” means…it means we can’t knock
on their door or we can be arrested – good thing Brother Taylor works
for the city and can tell us what those things mean before we get into
too much trouble! 😊

Lots of members showed us love this week! The Vargha family got us those giant Reeses hearts😋the Kenworthys gave us two bags of chocolate and the Taylors decorated their table and brought out the China and made us personalized sugar cookies and I just love them all soo so much!  I love watching the Lord send answers to my questions!  Love
you. Stay strong
👊🏼Sister Hawkins

Water Flossers Bring Joy!

“Always keep Christ’s name on your lips,” Elder Anderson.
We are still teaching the Sesay family, we taught them the Plan of Salvation this week! It went really well! We asked if they would get baptized, but they still want to
know more before they commit, but they are still open to the idea. And after I heard
Brother Sesay tell me the first place he got a ticket was 3 feet in
front the “Welcome to Shreveport” sign, I knew we were meant to teach
them! Louisiana was the first place he came from Africa! They are the
bestest and most polite and kind people ever!

Zone training was sooooo great this week! We are praying in every
prayer for each companionship to get one baptism before Easter!
We went tracting with one of the young women, and the first door we knock
on the man says, “It’s cold outside come on in.” I would like to point
out this is very uncommon and I was slightly concerned for my life,
but then they were nice people and wanted us to come back! We ended up
having that lesson and another lesson at the same time so we went on
splits! I went with Bishop’s wife to this newly married couple they are

I had my very first Kumquat!! My life has changed forever!!! This
sweet member is a naturalist and said she would take us on cool hikes
for p-day so we are super psyched! And we got to see all the planets
aligned!!!! And she showed us her pictures of her trip to Africa and
it is the coolest place ever!!!
We had a bunch of member lessons with the Ward Council this week! Some
were great, some were not great. Make sure y’all are nice to the
missionaries!!! k?
Did I tell you about how they are taking our picture and blowing it up big and it spends time in one of the classes on Sunday so people remember to do missionary work. We got lots of shout outs in sacrament meeting. The ward is really loving us and
giving us much more credit than we deserve, but it is great because they
are getting excited about missionary work!
Sunday this sweet woman walked in looking for a place to pray and now
she is a new investigator! I have never seen so many miracles in my
life than I have seen in this last six weeks! And Sister Paulson has
already been out for half her mission and totally agrees. It not just
the missionary life, but God has some huge plan for this area. There
are so many prepared people!!!!!
Okay, sooo just so everyone knows Kim decided to sent me and electronic
toothbrush, painful mouth wash and a water flosser…partly because they
said I have 7 cavities!!! I find it funny, I’ve been telling people
and they think it is funny too. Let’s just talk about our  first
experience with the water flosser made my week! I haven’t laughed so
hard in a long while, haha. I’m getting better at it!!! And my teeth
are sparkly and white.

Oh and we saw the ocean and we didn’t even break any rules!!! We were
just driving and the day was clear and we could see the ocean!! I just
can’t get over how close we are! And I officially want to live here
forever because it is February and perfect Hawaii vacation weather! With a
warm breeze, I seriously feel like I’m vacationing!

I just love the Gospel so much! I have been humbled this week and I
just can’t wait to see who I’ve become by the end. I hope I can help
some people along the way!!!! When we share the gospel we worry about
giving them the entire everything (the nugget of gold) but all we need
to do is give them a fleck and they will soon have hundreds of flecks
of the truth! That will make more sense as you watch “flecks of gold”
Mormon message, this is what we’ve been sharing w the members!
Missionary work is just a bunch of little things, if you try and give
it to them all at once it won’t work because they will be to overwhelmed.
I love you all so much!! And I know our Father in Heaven loves you even more!
Stay strong!
Sister Hawkins

Tennis, Strawberries, and Girl Scout Cookies


We were walking along and see the garage opened with more than 300
boxed of Girl Scout cookies, just filled! I have one request…one box
of Tagalongs for Sister Paulson and I. 😋This week I found
a Girl Scout and got some thin mints it took less than 8 minutes for
us to finish the first roll😋 I need to eat better.
We find this guy Bobby, he is just really great! He is our age and
really interested! He reads the New Testament and has the most
beautiful testimony of Christ and is making music to honor Him. He is
working on his studio and everything in Hollywood. People here are
kinda really cool! We are also teaching Jesse! His son is Mormon and
is looking for that relationship with God, we asked him to be baptized
and he didn’t say no!

Parker has finally come out of the woodwork, he
was one of the miracles from the miracle week and we haven’t been able
to get a hold of him! We have set up an appointment Yayyy! He has been
reading and says he likes it so far and it’s just really exciting!

Last p-day we went to the cutest park and played tennis!!!!!! I’ve
realized I’m a lot worse than I thought I was haha but it was lots of
fun! The court next to us there were 4 Asian men playing and they were
killing it…they were intense! and I think they really got a kick out
of our unique tennis playing abilities haha. Remember when we all took
tennis lessons and Mom and Dad went to their lesson and brought
children’s rackets😂😂 I think of that every time tennis comes up.

Y’all have I told you about the strawberry stand? they have this lil
field of strawberries in the middle of Anaheim hills and we got
soooooo many strawberries for like $10! And there are avocados and
pomegranate and lemon trees overfilling w fruit everywhere!!!! It’s
awesome!!! And Sister Rogers gave me 8 avacodos fresh off her tree😋

There is the cutest lil Hindu family we ran into. They showed us their
temple and it was the coolest thing ever!!!!!! And they said, “Well
your pretty much family now.” 😍 Is your heart melting yet? Ahhh I
just love them so much and they have the two cutest lil boys and are
totally searching! They have so many questions of why there are more than
one Christian churches, and it is just the best to teach people who
are searching and have all the questions! I also love getting to teach
so simply, they know nothing about Christ and we get to start w the

So my new favorite people is this lil old man and his wife😍 they are
Persian and speak like no English and he has the cutest laugh and he
kissed my hand and she kissed my cheek🙂 shhh don’t tell anyone haha.
But he read the Introduction to The Book of Mormon and said he new it was true and wanted “the book”. So that’s pretty cool! Minus the fact there are no Persian
missionaries….that just means we get to be creative!!!!

We had written down an address once upon a long time ago and I don’t
remember when or why we did. So we went there and found the coolest
dude, who thought the restoration was just absolutely beautiful and it
was jut the coolest thing! He was eating it all up!

There is the less active family we are working with and they remind me
a lot of Nana and EE –  other than the fact they were in a band and he
has an Elvis outfit! But he loves John Wayne and she can’t stand being
retired bc he drives her crazy! And I just feel like it’s a lil home
away from home! And it makes me happy😊 they are close to coming back!
It’s really exciting to see how the Lord has just totally prepared
I just love the Gospel! It is true! I know it’s all my heart! I love
each of you so much! Thanks for supporting me!!!
Stay strong
❤️Sister Hawkins

“I know that which the Lord hath commanded me, and I glory in it. I do
not glory of myself, but I glory in that which the Lord hath commanded
me; yea, and this is my glory, that perhaps I may be an instrument in
the hands of God to bring some soul to repentance; and this is my joy.”
Alma 29:9

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