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What is a normal day like?

Wake up and exercise, which is either running or laying on the floor and pretending to stretch. Then sister Paulson showers while I take a 5 minute nap or breakfast if  I’m feeling energetic!
Then we study for 2 hours…an occasional handstand is needed to get
the blood flowing. But really my favorite part of the day! I couldn’t survive without it!
Then we go teach people, serve people, and find people!
Finding people: we pray and ask God where we should go and he leads us
to people who need the gospel of Jesus Christ!
* The average responses we get from everyone: “I’m comfortable with
where I’m at” “I Already found Jesus” “not interested” “goodbye” “I
respect what you do, but not interested”
* Rare but worth sharing responses: “I know Jesus better than you” “My
wife is Jewish we can’t handle this right now” “I already prayed today
I don’t need anymore” “Come in” “Oh my goodness an Asian Mormon”

There is a lot of rejection, how do we deal with it? I laugh about it.
Laughing makes the pain nonexistent! Studies seriously keep me happy
all day! I love the scriptures!

Service: we visit a couple older women and just talk with them! It’s
really fun! But none of them can remember stories from back in the day
so we have to get creative with our conversation topics!! Sometimes we
help people move out or feed the homeless at Mary’s kitchen!

Teach people: this week we taught the Plan of Salvation or Happiness
in Farsi!!! Shore finally was able to meet with us! She now believes
that Jesus is more than just a prophet, but also the Son of God!!! And
she said “I used to like Jesus, but now, now I just really love Him.”
Ahhh so worth it!! Whitney, she comes to visit her dad and so when she
does we come and teach her. She has been anti-God for a while but
Sunday she wrote the most beautiful poem about Him and how He is
always there for her!!! Yay!! The Sesay family is doing good! We
weren’t able to teach them this week but the mom and daughter came to
a  dinner theater thing we had at the church! Way cool! Ms. Janet
opened up to us about her son, man she had just had the hardest life.
You know how we are supposed to mourn with those that mourn, I wasn’t
sure how to do that, I feel like I understand that a lot better after
knowing ms. Janet! Golly I love her.

Fun facts:
We are trying to organize a “Meet the Mormons Night” and show the
movie on a screen at the park! Super excited!
Sister Baird took us to In-n-Out for lunch!!!! That was a good day!
Heavenly Father led us to many people this week at the perfect timing!
He is so good to us!
Spanish and Farsi lessons are really awkward, because you just sit there
and listen to a foreign language for and hour.  But they are
really cool because  you can feel the spirit even when you don’t understand
anything!!!! I love the diversity here!!!

Change: also on missions things change! I’m getting a new companion!
Sister Paulson is going to be an Sister Training Leader in another zone! I am going to miss her so much! She is such an amazing missionary and has taught me
sooo much! Sister Cater will be my new companion!!! She is from
Thibodaux, Louisiana!!! Anyways sister Carter is so great and always has these super dope analogies! I can’t wait to see what we can do together! So I will be in this area for at least 7.5 months, which is fine with me because I absolutely love this area!


Sister Hawkins