Tender Mercies


April 2016

Seven Whole Months!

It was sister Carters birthday today and I had no money to buy her anything soooo I got creative which I think was best! I cut out 250 hearts last night and taped them all over the house….she loved it! Soooo many hearts! I am  learning to budget!!!

We had exchanges this week! Our Sister Training Leaderss changed and they are in

Fullerton, I’ve never been there! So I got to go this week! I loved
it, wouldn’t mind go there if I ever leave the A-10 ward! Though it was
a bad day it was also a really good day! Literally every person I
talked to on the street ignored me… We laughed a lot because I’d be like,
“Hey good even how are you?”  and they would just keep walking. Then we
had dinner and I gave the worst prayer of my whole life. I couldn’t
remember the families name. She asked me to pray for her brother in
law, but I heard brother so I prayed for her brother….she didn’t
even have a brother! And they were like this perfect family. She is a
model and their kids are adorable and I hope I never see them again
hahah so embarrassing!
We did some service for Ms Janet this week helping her get ready for a
swap meet! That woman had so much stuff and most of she finds just
dumpster diving or whatever she does! Sooo much! She gave us clothes,
hair crimes,(I have no idea what a hair crime is)  and necklaces. Love her so much, she also called us to help her haUl something she found up the hill. It was an unusual
request and an unusual item. I will include a picture….I just love
We are helping Katie get her Young Women’s medallion! They have a special program just for her and it is the absolute best!! So we just go over once a week and help her read
scriptures and such! I love it!
We had a big event at our church Saturday! An emergency preparedness
expo! So they had hecka classes and booths! We got a booth! It was
called spiritual preparedness! So us and Sister Moon and V were in
charge. We made these really cool bookmarks to hand out. It was fun we
had Popsicle sticks so they could make houses and talked about how if
we build our foundation on Christ when the foundation of the world is
not sure our foundation on Christ will be. He will never fail us! It
was good!
SESAY family” they fell of the end of the earth! We were at a baptism
and felt prompted to go see them. I second guessed myself but someone
there asked how they were doing soooo we went by. We knocked and no
answer. Sad day. We were walking back to the car as I was backing
sister Carter out (which by the way it is hecka akward to back people out,
especially if people are around, but it’s okay I’ve become the
definition of akward). Anyways the Sesays are pulling up! Y’all we saw
the Sesays! Then they reluctantly let us come the next day! And guess
what? The lesson was bomb and we are going to be reading w them from
the Book of Mormon each week!
BOOK OF MORMON CHALLENGE: so we have this challenge by our zone to
hand out at least one Book of Mormon every day! We sent out numbers in
we got 6 just one short. We had 7 minutes til curfew. We thought we
would give it one last shot. We have this theory that Big Lots is holy because
we find all these solid people there. It was Sunday so we couldn’t go
in and break the Sabbath so we thought the parking lot we have to do.
We get out the first person we talk to accepts a Book of Mormon and
appointment! Y’all!! Cooled thing ever!!!!!! He will provide a way to
help us accomplish ANYTHING!!!!! Anything! K so y’all set a goal,
pray about it, act, and it will just happen! God is sooooo good! I
love Heavenly Father He is sooo good to us! So good! Look out for the
hand He has in your life! Because it is there! All we have to do is open
our eyes! I MISSS you all times a billion. G2g sister Carter has a
birthday today sooo it’s time to partay….well as much as missionaries can party. Stay strong y’al!

Sister Hawkins


That One Time we Tracted into our own Personal Fashion Show


*We had dinner with a family, their son is on a mission (Baton Rouge
Mission) but they are not members of the church. The mom was telling
us about all the different church’s they go to and her daughter, in
5th grade says “no I am LDS!” She hasn’t been baptized but that is
what she claims herself as bc of the example of her big brother!! How
awesome is that? Love that girl!
*We were tracting and something gross got on my foot we went to the
car to clean it off I was ready to leave the area but Sister Cater said let’s just  knock two more doors. Behind one of them was a senior in
high school who said he wants to read the Book of Mormon! Yay! And he
knows one of the youth! I know what grade all the youth are in and the
sports they play so when we meet someone in their grade I can ask them
if they know them and 9/10 they know them! Best thing ever! Then the
next door was a man that said “Do you believe in the golden rule?” We
say yes “Then you can talk to me for 20 minutes about your friend
Jesus and I’ll talk to you about my imaginary friend for 20 minutes.”
lol great start. Sooo he doesn’t Believe in Jesus or God, but we ended
up talking to him for an hour! Really great conversation! I think we
brought up some really good points and he did as well. It is hard
to put myself in their shoes because I have never questioned the existence of God, but there are many who really struggle with that. I am wanting to help them. Also
he made me realize I don’t want to be a psychologist….
*So I am , not sure if you remember The people we had the Bible study
with? This was when Sister Webb was my companion. Well yeah so we went
to follow up with them. They said they weren’t interested in anymore
of our message. So I was sad. Next day we get a call and they have
changed their mind and want us to come back! Y’all the lesson was 2.5
hours! Help! We aren’t supposed to have lessons over 45 minutes bc
people only have so much on an attention span (especially me) but it
went SOOO long! They had sooo many questions. They had a lot of deep
questions and by the end we had taught the first two lessons and more.
And to my surprise that want us to come back! The husband is more open
than the wife and they say they are comfortable with their beliefs
now. But they want us to come back and teach them more and he wants to
read the entire Book of Mormon! So that was cool.
*something else hecka cool…it was late and we were going to knock
one more house….we tracted into a fashion show. The last house! It
was one of those parties where you sell clothes kind like those
jewelry parties people have. Anyways we did our missionary intro they
didn’t seem interested and I just couldn’t help it but those dresses were
so cute so I said “Are those dresses?” And they said yes come on in!
And they had us try on dresses and we are on someone’s Facebook now
and we got to share the gospel! The company was actually started by a
Mormon, Lularoe. Their dresses are so cute. But anyways that was a fun
and uplifting moment for us!
*Another awesome experience, we got to do a Bishop’s Youth Discussion with the youth and tell them our whole life story and why we decided to go on a mission
and answer all of their questions! It was fun! Lots of tears and
laughter! So grateful for that opportunity, hope they don’t think I’m
too weird! It was kinda like talking to Camis friends. It was good for
us and them I think!
Golly I hope this email was interesting and made sense! I never am
quite sure of what I write! I love you all so so much! Thank you for
all your support! I know Jesus loves you! Stay uber strong
❤️sister Hawkins

Snails are taking over Anaheim!


Hellllo! These past two weeks have been full of all sorts of stories
so here goes it!
Fist off your card numbers got stollen and people keep spending all
our money at YOgurt Land…3 of us in our district! I hope they
enjoyed their buku yogurt☹ So we had to drive all over the world to get
that figured out, but we stopped for lunch and found t his bomb sandwich place. They cut the meat and cheese fresh right in front of you😋😋
So General Conference was AMAZING!!!! Y’all if you didn’t watch it go
watch It and if you already did watch it again! We had 3 investigators
come! It was like 8 missionaries and a couple of investigators and one
family – we had the entire chapel to ourselves! Anyways, Housein came,
which was a complete surprise. I haven’t even told Sister Carter about
him so imagine how surprised he was! He does not speak like any English
but he said he felt super relaxed and happy so he came to Sacrament
this week! And he said next week he would bring his friend and wife!
Ahh so cool! We need to get him interviewed so we can teach him soon!
Then Andre and Ethel came to Conference! They both enjoyed it, his
wife doesn’t speak much English so she didn’t say much! But he teamed
up talking about Elder Utchdorfs talk! Then they invited us over for
dinner! We had a Peruvian dinner bc they are from Peru! How cool? The
food was great but they made us the strangest things  Lol. But Right after Andre said he wanted to come to church but not convert we asked if he had prayed about the Book of Mormon (bc he has already read it) he hasn’t. But he
is willing to!
Elroy  – we’ve been working w him he is less active and a super cool
dude. Really funny and has a motorcycle we dropped by and brought him
an Icee he loved it and we had a great discussion, hopefully getting
him back soon! I think it will just take baby steps!
The temple was just what I needed! I feel so much peace there and
always receive an answer to my question! A question I’ve had lately is
how can we make ourselves immune to the influences around us? How can
I know what my standards should be and how do I never lower them?  I am
super chill and want everyone to be happy and for everyone to be happy
you sometimes lower you standards I don’t want to be that way. How?
I’ve realized there is no one thing I can do, but it will take
constant effort. Evaluating and reevaluating where I am and where I am
We ran into Sister Gonawski after her hike and she took us out to
lunch!!! I love that woman! Guess what else the next day she was
working at the temple and was able to help me! Yay!!
We found this dude named Steve who is totally prepared! So super psyched for that!

The security guard at Walmart and asked us what church we go to and
asked for the address. He asked if there was something for youth and I
said “yes do you have a child?” and he said no I’m looking for someone
to marry…haha so we are going to send him to the mid-singles was
info😂. Don’t think a 40 year old man at Mutal would go over well.
We’ve been teaching this guy who believes in reincarnation so that is
super interesting! He has a super great heart and we love teaching him!!
Oh and we are teaching this mother and son they are sooooo cute! We’ve
taught them the first 3 lessons they are still unsure of baptism! But
they want to learn more and They gave us flowers, she grows the most
beautiful flowers!!!!
Sunday was great! We both bore our testimony and everyone was talking
about overcoming trials and missionary work and it was just the
bestest thing ever and Housein came and didn’t understand anything so
we used Google Translate, that thing is the coolest thing ever!!!!!!!
Went on a super fun hike today our district is super tight! We have
hecka fun together!
The Sesays have fallen off the side of the planet and so has Shore,
but it’s all good bc we are finding more people to teach! I have been so blessed. Our Father in Heaven is so much more than good! I love the Gospel. I love Jesus
Christ. He is so real. Life is so real. Eternal life is even more real.
I love you all stay strong yo!
❤️sister hawkins

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