Tender Mercies


May 2016

Happy Memorial Day

Happy Memorial Day!!! I’ve had the opportunity to visit some extremely
patriot people and was reminded of the great privilege it is to live
in America.🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 Though things aren’t like they used to be we
are still so much better off than many. My favorite quote “Someone
else is happy with less than what you have.” There is no reason we
shouldn’t be satisfied with our many blessings we receive each and
everyday!!! We are so blessed!
This week was filled with lots of finding! In other words lots of
tracting (knocking on doors). This one guy was so harsh he told us we were going to hell
and trying to bring people with us☹ then this other kinda crazy man
called and asked that we would meet with him and just wanted to argue with us.
We just told him we were there to teach and not to argue and he said
okay and just left. So he was totally there just to bash! Why people!?
But we also met some really awesome people! Jacki being one! She said
she had a few minutes and we shared with her our message and said we
could come back! ❤ Then we went to visit a sister in the ward. She
is SOOO cool! She told us her whole life story and has been through
sooo much! Her husband is in a care center and it is literally killing
her to go see him everyday but they love each other so much! She is
just so cool! Sister Moore felt like she should read a conference talk with
her and she said it was exactly what she needed! We’ve been studying
the Atonement again! I feel like when I am studying it I just have so
much more power in my teaching. The Savior truly has given us
My companion was sick Sunday so after church she slept. Then dinner.
Then slept. So I had a lot of time on my hands. So I watched The
Testament twice! I love that movie! Once in sign language though because I
couldn’t figure out how to change the language.
We also went to a funeral this week. The old patriarch passed away. It
was really cool to hear all about his life. I hope I have good stories
people will tell about me.
Sam received the Gift of the Holy Ghost this week! When we asked him
how he felt he said “shinny” he is just so amazing. He made some
amazing comments in Sunday School! He is just amazing!!!
Sister Moore is quiting diet Coke. We are using the Stop Smoking
program to help her haha, just replacing “smoking” with “Diet Coke”
she signed a paper and everything! If you have any friends that want
to quit smoking but haven’t been able to this 15 step program is
really cool! It only takes 7 days it is AMAZING!!!

Oh and they let us get this new workout app for our iPads so MRS. Kaye
I am getting back into better exercise habits! 😁
Well we are off to the strawberry festival! Hope you all have a very
festive day. I love you. The Lord loves you. Stay strong.




So this week was POWER WEEK, which means we set our goals really high
and tried really hard to reach them! I think we did well! We used our
time a lot more wisely. We didn’t reach all our goals but we doubled a
lot of our numbers from last week. I know it was the Lord just
magnifying all our efforts!
Sam is ready for his baptism this Sunday! We are going on a temple
tour the day before! He already wants to be married in the temple!
Y’all he is awesome!
We helped with citizenship class this week! So half of our zone is
English speaking and the other half is Korean/Vietnamese! They teach
English class and a class to help them get citizenship! So we got to
interview them and my people were so cute and I think we will be best
friends forever! They were so kind and so smart because half the questions
I was to ask them about our America I didn’t even know…should have
paid more attention in  American History class! Oops haha!!!
We were going over to talk to the Bishop and we accidentally knocked
on the wrong door. We were expecting a kind welcome and instead a
woman who told us mean things…it was really awkward and really
funny! We were quite surprised!

So funny story…we were talking to these awesome people that want to
learn more and they said hey, our neighbors last name is Hawkins too
you should go say hello and see if you are related. So we did not
trying to force our beliefs just saying hello inviting her to the
familysearch. Org and I say hello and say all this stuff and she was
like “I don’t believe in your philosophies” and shut the door. Sad
moment. Guess I will never find out if we are related!
Ummm…. the Tornows took us out to Olive Garden! I’ve missed that place soooo much!
Oh yeah the sweetest couple ever got sealed in the temple this week!
He just got baptized a year ago and they are so cute and they invited
all their old missionaries to a lunch afterwards! It was a lot of fu
and I got to see some missionaries from my old area! I didn’t realize
how much I miss those people!
Oh they have a Little Saigon in an area close to ours! It is so cool!
Like all the signs are written in different languages! Soooo
coooool!!!! I’ll have to take some pictures for y’all. We’ve been all
over garden from this week because we are preparing for a “Missionary
Musical Fireside” so we are preparing a song! We thought we would get
kicked out of the group by now because we both are not the best singers
haha. Sister Moore was singing a part wrong and I followed her and
then they said we sang it wrong but we both thought it sounded really
good Lol😂  We went on exchanges bc one of the Sisters got sick. So
I got to go out with Sister Goresgren and teach a few lessons! It was in
Sister Paulson’s old area and I got to meet some people she talked
about all the time! Sooo cool!
I love you all sooooo MUCH! Thank
you for all the support! Stay strong!!!!
❤️sister Hawkins

First Week in Garden Grove

I love my new area! There are magnolia trees everywhere, reminds me of
home! Speaking of home I got to FaceTime the fam on Mothers day so
that was the highlight of my week! I miss y’all so much! See y’all on
Anyways we have an investigator his name is Sam! He is a single parent
and plays some sort of video game. One of his online gaming friends
encouraged him to check out the Mormon church, he did and he hasn’t
missed a week since! We taught three lessons this week! One lesson was
at the M’s home! They were so great! They will be getting sealed this
week in the temple so psyched for them! Anyways the lessons have just
been really good. He is finding answers and gaining a testimony! He
will be baptized May 22nd! I haven’t been here long but I think we
will be long term buds haha
There is this little boy, Oscar, we visit who is 10 and baptized not
to long ago. We read some Book of Mormon stories with him, which he
loooves! His prayer at the end was priceless. He said “please forgive
me just one more time, please!……And many more times after
that….please bless the food for the rest of the day” Amen to that
brotha! Y’all sooooo cute!
We found this lady named Fran! She is so ready to embrace the gospel
in her life! She wants to read the Book of Mormon. Her daughter
actually converted and she says she can’t find anything bad to say
about her grandchildren and she attributes                                                                                      that to the churches focus on values and family at church.
She was so excited to read another book of scripture the Lord has
I love my new area! Garden Grove is kinda like a black hole we don’t
see many people from anywhere else in the mission. I will miss
them…oh well I like it here! We get to help teach English class to
the Vietnamese citizenship class! Oh we also got to volunteer at Stop
Hunger Now and move boxes of food and wash sooooooo many dishes!!!
Really cool place! Oh and I had a Cali Taco with is a burrito with
French fries in it 😋😋😋😋😋😋😋 I love Cali Taco!
Members let us do Landry in their home! That saves us lots of $$$.
One member got this sewing machine called the Dream Machine and it is
this huge sewing machine that monograms anything you want and threads
the needle itself!
I don’t know if I mentioned before but I love my new companion! Sister
Moore is awesome! She went to USU too! She cheered too! We have buku
in common. Anyways I hope you all have a fantabulous week! Stay
strong! Sending all my love❤️❤️💌💌
Sister Hawkins

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