Tender Mercies


June 2016

Powered by Jesus!

I’ve been doing gymnastics in our living room before bed! I miss it! And I m now sore bc of it haha! I don’t think I ever told y’all hey we were at the church and I took my shoes off to see if I could still do a backhand spring in the grass and I came down and landed on a bee! And then the very next week we were reading scriptures with a less active outside and I felt something like a leaf fall on my head I go to swipe it off and it was a bee!!! And it stung me finger!!,Good thing I’m not allergic!!

Korean Fireside/ activity thing was this week. Our team was so much
Fun! Sam, the Westerguards (senior missionaries), the sweetest
Japanese woman, and two future missionaries. We played games that had
a gospel analogy at the end. Sam and the Japanese woman decided to get
married for the day funniest thing😂😂
Then we went in the chapel for musical numbers and testimonies it was
really cool! 4 of us sisters sang with two of the Korean elders! It
went well! They all said we sounded good thank goodness, I was praying
hard we wouldn’t disrupt the spirit haha. We sang “Press Forward,” the
youth theme song. Oh and Mr. Showed up! Remember, he’s the man running for political office. I’m pretty sure he fell asleep during the spiritual part, but tired campaigning afterwards at the dinner…he even got one of the Elders to translate for him. So we
found our zone leader and asked them to be the bad guys and tell him
he can’t campaign in the church. Then we had the longest gospel
discussion with Mr. and Sam helped too! He answered Mister’s Questions! It
was the best thing to see the cycle of Sam learning and now is
The 50th anniversary of the mission is coming up this month! We are
singing in the choir an old song they found about the Anaheim Mission.
It’s awesome bc I get to see all my old companions, the whole mission
is invited to the event. They are having old mission presidents
speaking and old missionaries! If any of you served in the mission and
will be in Anaheim you are welcome to come 😊
New Taco Bell in our area opened!!!! Happy day!
Dan is a sweet father who said we could come back another day. He
looks a little rough around the edges, but seriously so genuine and
kind! We stopped by again and he invited us in to share the first
lesson! He committed to reading the scriptures and wants his family to
join next time! Yay!
We had a good lesson with Joe. He really wants to change and knows
church is where he needs to be! I love teaching repentance!!!
Seriously, it’s where the change happens, where the happiness and
peace come. Joe has a great desire to follow God. He is super busy
with his AC business because of the heat, but is not going to schedule
anything on Sunday so he can come to church😁 I hope it works out.
We are definitely I’m the finding people process. The best and worst part of missionary work, haha!
I love you all so much thanks for all the support and love! Seriously
I don’t know where I would be without it!
Stay Strong!!
❤️❤️sister Hawkins


She loves to read??? Who is this girl?!

Y’all this week has been HECKA HOT. It was 100 Sunday. I’m just so
grateful it isn’t humid and I’m in the coolest part of the mission bc
we are so close to the beach! It was slow this week, we are having a
hard time finding people who want to learn. But I still learned things
this week and the Lord’s hand was still there!
I’ve learned a lot about communication on my mission. I can
communicate and solve problems so much better than before me mission.
Being with one person every minute of everyday can be difficult
sometimes, but if you just get rid of the contention of problems
immediately life is so much better! Communication is key in ALL
relationships. I know that to be true ESPECIALLY with my relationship
with my Heavenly Father. If we are communicating often and
effectively, effectively meaning working together to find a solution
instead of just whining about the problem, then life is good. We feel
joy when we are one with the Spirit of the Lord.
Tender mercies of the week:
* In our lesson with Sam I was saying something and I’m not really
sure what words were just coming out of my mouth and Sam said “oh your
channeling in” I really feel the Spirit was directing my words and he
could feel that too. It is the best feeling being an instrument in the
Lord’s hands. Pray for the Holy Ghost and your tongue will be loosed
and the spirit will testify of your words. I know it!
* Found out I am tenth cousins with the Tornow family! Hailey was
showing us how to do family history and we realized we are all cousins
so we went to yogurt land to celebrate as a family 😂 they are
seriously the BEST family.
* So there was this politician (running for school board) that came to
church a couple weeks ago to get people to vote for him, I’ll call him
Mr. Y’all he was kinda interested in learning more but never called
back so we were driving and we see him on the side of the road and
pull over to say hello and he was able to meet that night. We met him
at a restaurant and guess who was there!? Ehsan a potential we also
hadn’t gotten a call back from. So we had a great lesson w Mr. and he
is a truth seeker! And we got an appointment with Ehsan and had a
great lesson with her Sunday! Yay!
* So we go to 7-11 a lot so we know all the people that work there and
Saturday we dropped by for a drink and Sister Moore on the spot
thought send one of the workers this awesome video called

“Earthy Father, HeavenlyFather.”

So we sent him the link and then he gave us a free car
wash😁🚙 you can share your love for Christ anywhere! Don’t be afraid
to share the gospel! You might even get a free car wash out of it!
* K , mom this next part you will probably want to print out and frame.
All my life I have hated reading, but now I LOVE IT! I read so much
everyday! Conference talks, Our Heritage, oh and old Ensigns are my
favorite! Favorite Ensign of the week “Continuing Revelation”
President James E Faust Aug. 1996. Check it out!
Happy Fathers Day to all y’all amazing Fathers! Especially mine. Joey
you have gotten me to where I am today. Remember when we were reading
in the Old Testament in seminary and didn’t like reading and didn’t
understand anything. Yah good times, not really. But you told me to
keep reading and I would be blessed and you would answer any question
I had always! I put my faith in you and now I have a great love for
the word of the Lord and that has completely changed my life. I would
be in a much less happier place without your influence on my life.
Your words and even more than that your example have changed me. I
will forever owe you for all the sacrifices you have made on our
behalf. I miss you so much! Thank you!!!❤️
Stay strong folks
Sister Hawkins

Eventful Week

We have had a very eventful week!!!
We helped the Tornows with their daughter’s baby shower. Then ran to
Sister Fulton & Elder Savii’s (former missionaries) wedding. It was
beautiful! I got to see all my former companions and President and
Sister Taggart. It was beautiful! And their favors were Coke bottles w
their new last name on it❤️ it was in a big outdoor tent! Lots of fun!
We called Bob and he did some research online. And said he wasn’t
going to look into the church anymore. But then we just testified over the phone.
The words just came out! And then he undropped us! And wants us to
come back. He said we were different. I know it is the Spirit of the
Lord! We are excited! He is a truth seeker.
Joe wants to be baptized in September! We had a great lesson with him.
Talked about the Plan of Salvation. And just had a really good
Our car got ran into this week.
See details below:
So we were just sitting at the stop light and then all the sudden life
went slow motion. My companion was screaming and we had been hit from
behind…then we hit the car in front of us…then it was over. Then
we sat there for a minute quite confused as to what had just happened.
Well, not a big deal the other cars barely had a scratch and we were
just in the middle and apparently Toyotas have a soft butt.  It was
exciting. The girl that ran into us accidentally pressed the
accelerator instead of the break….I can relate. We got a new car
which is sad bc ours was a 2015 w only 10,000 miles on it and now our
car has 30,000 miles and it was driven by Elder and I’m not really
sure what has stained the seats, but something has 😂
So a member saw us and called Bro Tornow our main man and he came and
took care of us. Then they brought us a new car. Had to fill out some
paper work. So well taken care of! Don’t worry please! Life is swell😊
Love y’all so much! Stay Strong!
Sister Hawkins


Y’all this week has gone by soooo fast!!!! It was a good one. Here are
a few highlights:
* So we met this woman last week, we give her a Book of Mormon, but we
were kinda awkard, so we didn’t think anything would come from it, but we
needed to follow up. So we knock and she welcomes us IN! Like y’all
she let us IN her home! This does not just happen. Then she says “kids
come in here” and has he children sit down. We ask if she has read the
Book of Mormon and she says not yet, but I keep meaning to read it to
my kids!!!! We have a fun restoration lesson with her and the kids we
pray and it is awesome! Then we find out her husband is a less active
member and she has always been curious about it! They are awesome!
They don’t live in the best of circumstances, but are just happy
people. Her daughter who is only six was smiling and nodding the whole
lesson! Coolest thing ever. I felt like I was on the “District.”
* Right down the road is a former investigator who brought us to the neighborhood
in the first place. He didn’t remember ever meeting with missionaries.
He had missed the return appointment we made last week. He was
vacuuming out the car when we got there. He said we could share our
message….but he is finishing up the car. We debate coming back at a
better time but decide to stay. They have 6 young kids running all
over the place! So we get them together and we play duck duck goose
while he is finishing. He said the house was a mess so to do the
lesson on the stairs of the apartment complex. Us, 5 little kids, and
their dad sits on the stairs and we teach the restoration. He said we
could come back too!
* So there is also this awesome guy Joe who the missionaries have
taught before. And he wants to work towards baptism in September! He
wants to change. Looking for answers.
* We just got a media self-referral from church head quarters and we
get to meet with him tonight. The referral said he wants the gospel in
his life. Yay more people searching!
* Have I told y’all about Tom? I just love him. He is this little old
Japanese man. The gospel is going to answer all of his questions!! We
just have to convince him to look at the gospel. He is afraid of
changing from what he has done his whole life. He thinks it is crazy
how much time we dedicate our time. I really don’t think it is much
compared the time our Savior dedicated
*Bob! So I think I talked about him last week. We were texting him and
it was kinda weird sooo we decided to drop by. He wasn’t outside his
house and we were nervous We prayed to our Father in Heaven. We got
out of the car, turned the corner and he was sitting in the front! I
felt like it was a sign. We had another really good discussion with
him. He has a lot of questions the Gospel of Jesus Christ can answer.
He is searching for truth. He is going to start reading the Bible
again. He said when we came over the first time afterwards he went in
and prayed thanking God for us and since then had been praying daily!!
The Lord is so magnifing our efforts.
*Sam is still amazing. We had the follow up Restoration lesson with
him this week. He has such a strong testimony and has been converted.
We got to the first vision.  It just brings the spirit in sooo strong!! And this time I didn’t really feel much myself when sharing it with Sam. And then Sam said. Whatever you did
was just amazing. I could feel the Spirit speaking through you. I
could see it in your eyes. That was just so powerful. Nothing I did,
just the Lord magnifying my calling. He is so good! I ask for His help
in that everyday and it never fails. We are so blessed to have a
loving God who will never fail us. We are so blessed to know of the
restored gospel of Jesus Christ. He is my Savior and my song.
Stay strong
❤️sister Hawkins

Here is the link to “The District.”

Here is the link to the video she references a couple of times: The Restoration



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