It’s been a couple of weeks since we’ve posted anything because her emailing days were off due to the 4th of July!!!  So I’m going to post pieces of her last two emails in this blog post.

July 18th

Hello! We’ve had a wonderful week! Monday we had a lesson with this
cute lil family. They have one son that is 11. The dad is open to all
religions, we’ve gone by a few times but have never been able to set
up an appointment, we got one on our last try and lesson was
fantastic! They are willing to pray and read the Book of Mormon. He is
very conservative so gets along great with many of the church’s stands
on issues of today. The mom grew up Buddist, but came to know Christ
after marrying her husband. They could just totally feel the spirit
and I could feel it too! He notices a light and a difference in the
Mormons he has known in the past. One of his friends was going to run
for sherif his “dream” and decided to go on a mission instead. He is
just amazed by the examples around him. It was just fantastic and I
know the gospel would bless their lives soo much! The dad is
searching, I just hope the rest of them are as well! Wednesday we were
tracting and met Lori. She said “I’m looking for Jesus” she studies
the Bible and is looking for His teachings. She had some great
questions and I think really liked the answers. While we were talking
to her on the door step a man walks out of the house. We think nothing
of it and finish up and pray. As we are leaving than man is sitting in
the front yard he asks who we are and what we are teaching. We gave
him a book of Mormons and short restoration. We got his phone number.
His name is Justin. Friday we texted Justin and see if we can meet again and share more and he says thank you so much for coming by Ive found value and truth
where I haven’t found it in other places! He read! Then he asked if we
could meet the next day! He had read the book of Ether, Moroni, and
half of 1 Nephi! And he had questions ready to ask us!!! They were
such good questions too! And he wants to get baptized!!!!!!! That’s
right!!! Can you believe it!? August 20th! We are so pumped! We did
absolutely nothing, he was just so prepared! He has been searching for
a long time and had looked into many religions. And he has finally
found it! He said he just feels so enlightened as he reads the Book of
Mormon! (That’s the spirit y’all!!!) I just feel so blessed to watch
someone come to know this for themselves. I’ve realized we as
missionaries do not do the converting. It’s not anything we say that
will convince people of the Savior and His ministry. It is the Spirit
of the Lord. It is totally and completely the Lord that changes
people. I’m just here on the corner handing people the tools and if
they decide to use them, the Lord changes them. And gives them the
greatest joy! It gives me sooooo much joy to watch the Lord work
mighty miracles in people’s lives. This truly is His work. Stay strong

July 25th

This week we went on exchanges! I went with an awesome sister from
Dallas who was a Killgore Rangeret and wants to do DCC or the Rockets!
Sooo cool! She is really good obviously. Anyways we were so busy. We
fed the homeless at Mary’s Kitchen and went tabling at the local
college. We set up a little table and talk to people about Jesus it
was awesome! So many people stopped to listen. The Korean Elders came
with us they are also awesome! Sooo kind! ummm then we had a few
lessons. One with a young adult who decided he wanted to do a remake
of the Zoolander gas station scene. So he poured gasoline on his car
and just lit it up no has this crazy awesome and stupid scar on half
his body. So that was an interesting lesson. Then some more people
they are getting ready for baptism!
Justin is stilll doing amazing! We had another lesson with him this
week and he is searching for truth! he wants to study everything. He
still wants to work towards baptism on the 20th he seems really
excited! That will probably be the best week of my life bc I’ll have
Cheryl’s wedding, my birthday, Elder Oaks coming to the mission, and
Justin getting baptized! So pumped! Justin asks a lot of deep
questions and its been fun for me to study a little more in depth. He
is just looking for all the answers! So great! He also loved church
and wants to bring his mom next week!
We said lots of goodbyes this week because sister Moore is being
transferred to another ward in the stake! I’ll be getting a brand new
missionary tomorrow! I’m pretty psyched for tonight because someone is
feeding us steak! Mmmmm. Hope y’all have a fabulous week! Sorry for
the short email. I know the scriptures have power as you read them
with the Holy Spirits guidance. I know Christ is at the head of this
church. I know our Father in Heaven is aware of each of you and your
struggles. I know when things get hard and it seems like you can’t
hold on any longer He will lift you. A great blessing is right around
the corner. I love this gospel. I love you. Stay strong!
❤️sister Hawkins