Tender Mercies


October 2016

Happy Halloween Y’All

We had an awesome Family Home Evening with the Cope fam this week. We talked about the Holy Ghost…haha get it because it is Halloween and Ghost 👻. It was
loads of fun.
We had the best service ever this week! An area 70 requested a few
missionaries to come help out at their school carnival. We get there
and they want us to set up the haunted house! They just gave us a
bunch of stuff and let us do whatever we wanted! It was sooo fun!
We tracked into the cutest old lady this week. She is in her 80s and
just talked to us for 30 minutes through the door bc she couldn’t open
it. She has traveled the world and has the best stories to tell, I
felt she is so prepared we just have to get her to stop talking so she
can hear our message 😂 I think she should create her own YouTube
channel that is how entertaining this woman is. Anyways she invited us
to come back when her daughter was home. We came back and they were
just soooo kind!
I can’t remember if I told you about Cindy. She is familiar with the
church bc of family members and she said she would pray about taking
the lessons. We dropped by almost everyday and no answer. Fast forward
two weeks she comes smiling to the door invited us in and we have a
great chat with her and her husband. They are going to start reading
the Book of Mormon and feel something is missing in their lives. I
just know if they actually read and pray about it that hole will be
filled! The Atonement will fill it!
I was on exchanges w Sister Moon and we were going to visit a man we
met a few weeks ago. He comes out and is super friendly then his wife
comes out and asks what religion we are then goes off on us. Like just
so rude. Like yelling at us and telling us we don’t believe in Christ.
And sister Moon started laughing. Mom it was one of those
inappropriate moments you just can’t help but laugh. We just left. It
was sad I think the man was hecka embarrassed. But hey she has just
been misinformed. I know if she would let us share what we really
believe she wouldn’t have done that. Forgive them for they know not
what they do. My approach to everyone in life. It’s weird the love the
Lord allows you to have for complete strangers. I just feel so blessed
to have this opportunity. I love studies in the morning! There is
sooooo much to learn. I’ve been focusing on the Atonement of
Christ❤️❤️❤️ seriously brings me so much happiness. If you ever feel
down, just start reading about the Atonement and your frown will be
turned upside down. I know the Lord lives. I know He suffer our pains,
afflictions, and infirmaries (Editor’s Note: I think she meant infirmities, but she never could spell!) to make possible the beautiful Plan of
Salvation. He is everything. He is so good to us all. I hope you are
all just doing wonderfully!
💪🏼Stay Strong
❤ Sister Hawkins


October 24th


Zone conference was this week! Elder Carl B. Cook from the seventy
came with his wife! They were both amazing! I could have sat there all
day and listened to them and President Taggart! Nice strangers bought
us drinks his week. We met with William this week he is really doing
well. He was the man living in his car that was baptized a long time
ago! He hasn’t missed church once. He reads the scriptures and comes
to all the activities! Things are looking up for him. The Lord led us
to a few people this week. One of them her husband had just died a
week ago and was struggling with that. We were able to give her a big
hug. It was just so sad. But happy bc we know he is going to a
wonderful place. We both saw a teaching record and felt we should see
them at separate times so we went Thursday and met a wonderful woman
Anna and her children. We are excited to start teaching them the
lessons! We also had a FHE family history night which was a
total success! We weren’t there for most of it but people came and
said they had fun! And sister Sai found 4 cards to take to the temple!
I, sorry this email is all over the place it has been a crazy pday! We
did yoga, downtown Disney, and all the regular stuff! I am so grateful
to be here! I’m grateful for the Atonement of our Savior Jesus Christ.
He really is the way. It’s a joyful way.

Love You!

Sister Hawkins

Happy Dayyyss


Hope you all had a fabulous week! So we have good news this awesome lady Kelly is working towards baptism on December 11th! She isn’t very religious, but has always believed in God. We shared the Restoration with her maybe two weeks ago. This week we shared the Plan of Salvation and she really seemed like she was going to drop us but we shared the lesson anyways and invited her to baptism and she said yes! Whoo! The Spirit works wonders!

We did lots of service this week. We helped at Mary’s kitchen which is always an adventure. We helped a less active in our ward put together a birthday tea party for her niece! It was sooo fun! Sister Sainan and I are now expert finger sandwich makers. We also helped at a blood drive. Those things are so boring, but someone has to do it! They had a mobile come to the cutest home where they care for the mentally handicap. The people were so nice! We made the cutest special little friend that just made our day😊 oh and the other sisters offered to help this random man move and we get there and he isn’t even home. And his roommate told us what to do and it was just super sketchy so we quickly everything in a box, left a Book of Mormon, and left😂

Last Monday we had the best time with this cute little family! They let us do their family home evening so we had pizza and a lesson and the kids made up a game and it was just one of those perfect moments.

TRANSFER CALLS CAME! And…….we aren’t leaving 😊 apparently I need to stay in all my areas for 7+ months. But that is totally okay bc I love the areas I’ve served in! I’m excited to be here for all the holiday fun! Sister Sai and I are looking forward to an awesome transfer filled with wonderful things!

So this week we’ve really been studying how to better involve members of the church in missionary work. And I’ve just realized how we really all do have the responsibility to share the gospel of Jesus Christ! Think about it God’s purpose is to bring to pass the immortality and eternal life if man. And if we are followers of Jesus Christ, of God, shouldn’t our purpose be the same? We should be one body, with one purpose. That purpose doing missionary work, bring souls to Christ! Not just getting people to come to church, but helping people become truly converted to the Lord Jesus Christ. I just feel so incredibly blessed to know Him. To know He is all loving even though He sees all my flaws, He still loves me. He wants me to return. He wants you to return, He wants your neighbor to return, He wants the stranger at Walmart to return. What are we going to do to help Him in fulfilling this great purpose? We have a whole lot of work to do! Now stop wasting time reading my email and Let’s get to it.

“A most significant evidence of our conversion & how we feel about the gospel in our own lives is our willingness to share it with others.” M Russell Ballard

P.S. you should read President Dieter F. Uchtdorf’s “O How Great the Plan of Our God!”

💪Stay Strong

          ❤ Sister Hawkins

Ice Cream, Hippies, and Temple Trips!

Hello Family! Have I ever told you? I just absolutely love being a missionary!!! Best decision ever!! This week were soooo blessed. One prompting led to another and another which led to wonderful people. It was late and SO dark and if you didn’t already know people don’t like it when you knock on the door at 8PM. But in my presidents interview President Taggart told me a story and said it takes a lot of faith to find at dark. So we’ve been trying to find that faith this week. We saw all the people we planned for and had more than an hour before we were to return home. Sister Sainan found a former Investigator in the area Book, we went by and this man answered the door and said that woman didn’t live there. They were just divorced after 30 year of marriage. It was just the saddest thing. He wasn’t ready to talk then, but I know God sent us there. I know the gospel of Christ can heal any heart! So that took maybe 5 minutes….now what do we do? So we just started walking down the street hoping someone would be outside or walking their dog. I saw someone across the street light a cigarette. I caught myself thinking “oh they wouldn’t be interested” the minute I said that I felt so ashamed. I know better than to judge by someone’s appearance. You never know who is prepared. So we has already walked pass so I thought okay we will walk to the end of the road and turn around. At the end there was a house w all the lights on, their garage and door were open. We figured they were awake so we knocked and met the nicest man! Who is now a new investigator! He is so excited to learn. We then kept waking, note it is 8:45. The Lord gave us the courage to knock on the door I had seen earlier. We met Glen & Heidi the cutest hippy couple I’ve ever seen. I already love them! Heidi is a member, but hasn’t been to church in a long time. And Glen’s best friend was just baptized into our church. Coincidence? I think not! We are excited to start working with them! Moral of the story….when you feel it is inconvenient or unpopular to share your love for Jesus Christ DO IT ANYWAYS! He will bless you for your faith in pressing forward. Even when it is hecka scary. Bc something absolutely wonderful always comes when we exercise just a little more faith.
We had exchanges this week! I got to go to Brea (the cutest place ever!) w Sister Webb my trainer! Man that was a long time ago that we were companions! We had a lot of fun! And we had Ferrell’s ice cream which is the cutest lil place in downtown brea you have ever seen! I’ve always wanted to go and I can now check that off my mission bucket list 😊
We met some really awesome people this week! The Lord trying does guide his work!
Our temple trip was today! I felt peace and lightness. I love the temple ❤️
From this last conference:
“The temple holds a place at the very center of our most sacred beliefs, and the Lord asks that we attend, ponder, study, and find personal meaning and application individually. We will come to understand that through the ordinances of the temple, the power of godliness is manifest in our lives and that because of temple ordinances, we can be armed with God’s power, and His name will be upon us, His glory round about us, and His angels have charge over us. I wonder if we are fully drawing upon the power of those promises.”
Y’all have a great week now
💪🏼Stay Strong
❤ Sister Hawkins

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