Tender Mercies


November 2016

Goodbye Valley View

Transfers! I’m going to Brea, which I’m super stoked about but I am
going to miss my people so much!!!!!! Thanksgiving was awesome! We
have a member who is coming back to church and has been homeless for a
long time. We wanted to have a lunch with him on thanksgiving since he
has no family. We are broke so we thought we would get subway turkey
sandwiches. A member found out about it and offered to bring pie. She
called us the day before and said she would make us the entire
Thanksgiving lunch! Y’all she came with all the stuff and we had the
cutest little picnic at the park. Just totally warms my heart ❤️ we
then had another thanksgiving dinner with the Youngermans, Winn’s, and
Clarks. And we met some awesome people and it was just a great day!
Y’all this Sunday at church we had 5 investigators come to church!
That is not normal. Joe and his friend came! Finally!!! It has only
taken 7 months. I’m really excited to hear about the progress he
makes. Fran and her granddaughters came too! We haven’t been able to
teach her for almost 2 months and we just texted her and invited her
to our special sacrament service and she came! She even brought me a
going away gift. People are so kind! For our sacrament meeting we had
6 people who converted to the church or left and came back share
testimony. It was absolutely wonderful! And the cutest little girl
sang I am A Child of God. It was perfect. Oh and Tom this man we
tracted into came. Then Tim, the part member we’ve been working with.
I love there family so much! I love sooo many families here!!!l they
have shown me so much love!
I’m not sure if any of this makes sense, but know I’m doing so well.
I’m sad to leave, but I’ll be back!! The gospel is true. The
Lords hand is truly in our lives!
💪🏼Stay Strong
❤ Sister Hawkins


Happy Turkey Day

My week.

  • it is November and in the 90s. 😎 except now it is cold and raining! Hallelujah for rain! I’ve missed it sooo much☔
  • So we knock on a door and I’m talking to the woman and her cat is causally walking out of her house (remember just last week we’re holding someone’s cat and it ran away forever, so we are now hecka cautious) and this is probably normal, but Sister Sainan was traumatized from our last experience. So I’m talking and the lady is telling me how she has another faith and isn’t interested and I look over (thankfully the woman didn’t see) and sister Sainan is holding the cat by the arm!!! And I think my face said it all. The lady looked over and sister Sainan was cradling the cat like a baby. I just laugh so hard when I think about the moment I looked over And she is holing a cat by its leg. But the cat did not escape and will probably never want to again. 😂😂
  • We were walking to an investigator’s house and I took a big step to get on the curb, I stepped to early and just stopped my foot in the biggest puddle. It was so loud and people and saw me and Sister Sainan couldn’t pull herself together after watching my moment of grace. Lots of laughs.
  • We had awesome Zone Conference this week! We talked about our world and what it is like to be a missionary in the word today. We also received training on gaining more faith to find which was perfect! Oh and how we can use family history more! And the new Christmas Initiative! Y’all it is so good! It comes out the day after thanksgiving and I can’t wait for you to see and apply it! The church has put out an advent calendar of “In 25 Days. Over 25 Days” Each day is something the Savior did and how we can emulate him in our lives! I challenge you all to do it! And share it on social media #LightTheWorld. We can all come together as Christian people, and light the world with the love of Christ!
  • We had the coolest Relief Society activity based around the Book 100 dresses! We donated almost 100 dresses to this foundation where they help woman get jobs and such. And my favorite Sister Winn just gave an awesome lesson! Mom she reminds me of you!
  • Lillie is the cutest old lady I’ve ever met and she still has so much spunk! She is a hard core Catholic and not interested but she feels God sent us to her so she could discuss with someone about God. We’ve decided to go visit her each week as service, she is all alone and has so much to say and no one to say it too. I really think she should make a YouTube channel. I think I might have written this before…if so mom just delete it.

We are super excited for Thanksgiving week!!!!!!!!!! We will be well fed. I am so grateful for the Savior and His Atoning sacrifice. For the restoration of the priesthood. For an evidence of that restoration. I’m grateful for the most wonderful family. I seriously am so blessed to have all the opportunities and experiment I’ve been given. Y’all the Lord is SO real and SO aware of you and your struggles and doubts. He is reaching out ALWAYS to lift us.

Attitude of Gratitude.

💪🏼Stay Strong

          ❤ Sister Hawkins

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