We have a new missionary schedule! We have extra time to get ready in
the morning and to prepare for bed (more sleep) and we spend less time
studying and plan in the morning instead of at night! We love it
sooooo much! The World wide broadcast was wonderful! Our leaders are
so inspired. The day before we had an exchange, but had to leave that early
bc I started throwing up, gross. Haha but I was feeling better the
next day and managed to eat a Jr. Bacon Cheeseburger and hold it down.
Whoo! I love Wendy’s! Oh something else with the change is less
studied in days so we actually have enough time to get everything
done! The new schedule is supposed to give us more agency and
hopefully help us in the transistor from mission to home.
We are still working with the regular people and making baby sets in
progress. This week most of our appointments cancelled so we spent
most of our time finding new investigators. People are just so
interesting aren’t they. If you have never gone door to door to share
something or sell something, I encourage you to do it at least once,
and you will know what I mean that people are just interesting haha. I
don’t have a ton to write about, but I do have a testimony of Jesus
Christ. I know He lives and loves us. He is completely aware of what
we are struggling with. He knows more about us than anyone and He
still loves us! Is that just not amazing. The Atonement of Christ
literally makes lasting joy possible. I’m focusing my studies on the
Atonement of Christ at the moment and He is just so so good. And our
Father in Heaven has a plan for us! We are sooooo blessed to have a
Savior and to get worship a God who is loving. Hope y’all have a great
week! Xoxo