Happy Presidents’ Day y’all! 🇺🇸
Awesome things that happened:
-Bro D. Came to church! And is still coming along. Comfort is holding
him back. I understand it is a big life change.
-We lost our phone. Now you thinking why would this be an awesome
thing. Well we where at a dinner thing for the older folks at the
church. It was poring. We left and realized we didn’t have our phone.
We get back to the church and start looking. Those still around
cleaning up are helping. Sister Lamborne, as awesome as she is, says
let’s pray. We get in a little circle (note an investigator it there,
Martha, she is probs thinking this is the strangest thing) we pray,
one of the sisters says to go look in the car again. Sister Kieffer
runs ahead of me in the rain and I’m waddling behind her think through
where I left it and I see something shinny. Our phone is on the ground
the back was off and the battery on the ground. Just siting in the
rain in the middle of the parking spot. So the Lord led us to the
phone in less than 2 minutes. The craziest thing is the phone still
works!!!, the screen wasn’t working at first and rice healed it!
Martha thought it was just the coolest thing, and it was. The Lord is
so aware of our prayers!!!
-We met this awesome family a friend from the MTC told me about.❤ they
were so sweet and have invited us back.
-We were looking for a member of our church and found out he had moved
like 3 years ago, but we met John. And y’all John needs the gospel.
His life is a wreck. We kept testifying of Christ and all the
wonderful things in the gospel that will help him. He softened up a
lot towards the end. Hoping great things are in store for him.
-Met Summer. She just had a baby and didn’t know she was pregnant!
Crazy right?! But she is just so happy to have her first little one❤
summer is literally the nicest human ever and we get to go read the
scriptures with her every week! She wants to come closer to God!
I know the Lord’s hand is in everything we do. As we just do what we
are supposed to great blessings will come! Look at how the Lord has
blessed your life today! I promise He is somewhere! Even on the worst
of days.
I love y’all so much! Xoxo

💪🏼Stay Strong
❤ Sister Hawkins