The Creason’s came to church! I was so excited to see them there! Β My wonderful Mother sent us some King Cakes and We brought them a piece of King Cake earlier in the week and at church he said “Sister Hawkins I have something for you!” He dropped
the baby from the king cake in my hand haha! It was the best!
My favorite Brother D came to church yesterday as well! We got him a
journal and wrote different scriptures & quotes he might like at the
bottom of the pages and gave it to him. I think he really liked it!
Now he can write all his thoughts and notes from church and stuff. It
makes a huge difference when I take notes vs. not taking notes in
meetings and such. Did you know taking notes is a a form of pondering?
I think that is just the coolest thing I’ve heard. Makes sense I just
never thought of it that way.
We brought King Cake around to some people in the ward and some people
we are teaching. One family I was super excited to surprise is the
Thompsons! They just moved here from Louisiana not too long ago. We go
over and they were so excited. She actually had been feeling homesick
and ordered all this Mardi Gras stuff and they were going to celebrate
that Sunday, so we took some fun pics😍 seriously the best thing ever!
We went over for beignets today for breakfast!!!!😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊 best
pday ever!
So Sister Webb and Sister Moon did this thing where the gave their
departure day a name, like “Potato Day.” So anytime I refer to “April
Fools” I am referring to the day I leave the mission. So we had our
“April Fools Meeting” where president Taggart gave us all this
wonderful advice! There are about 8 or so other missionary going home
too. I feel more at peace about life in general so that’s always good
We taught this lady who isn’t sure if she believes in God how to pray.
It was a really cool experience. Address Heavenly Father, express the
feelings of your heart, and end in the name of Jesus Christ! Just that
easy! And it is completely life changing! Could you imagine your life
without it? Truly, that would be so difficult. I would be no where
near where I am today without it. So challenge this week teach/inspire
someone pray. You can teach a child how to pray, reach out to friend
in person or on social media, pray for the opportunity help in
inspiring someone to look to God rather than man for their answers, or
you could share something about how prayer has blessed your life and
you never know it may inspire someone else to do the same! Tell me how
it goes 😊 #LightTheWorld
It was a wonderful week. God is so good. Sending all my love!!❀❀

πŸ’ͺ🏼Stay Strong
❀ Sister Hawkins