Hello family! This week has been full of wonderful things, as usual. I
exchanged with Sister Smith, who is a bomb missionary. An AMAZING
teacher. I learned so much. We were tracting and felt we should keep
going, we did and met the sweetest old man, Jack. He is from England
and has the best accent. We were talking  and he told us a lot of
amazing stories that have brought him closer to God in his life. Not
sure why, but I felt like I should invite him to be baptized and did
and he said Yes! So Jack is working towards April 29th for baptism.
Can you believe That? I can’t! Our Father in Heaven continues to
surprise me with tender mercies each day. The Lord is so aware of His
children. It has been such a blessing to watch Him work in people’s
life, in mine as well. He is SO Good!
We got to help our Habitat for Humanity this week. It was really fun.
They are almost finished with the house and we washed down the super
dusty floors and ate at this heck sketchy Mexican Taco place. So
We had another great lesson with Likely, the woman we teach at the
bus stop. The Spirit was SO strong. And there were way too many
coincidences that made it clear God had sent us there.
We also had zone conference this week and talked about study journals
and the new Easter Video! So pumped for Easter!! We’ve been trying to
get Brother Derrick to use his study journal, he at least brought it
this week. Progress!
Also had another fun exchange with the trio. I went to Yorba Linda
with Sweet Sister Sainan & Pennington. We had Phó!! I’m going to miss
that food so Much!! I already had to say some goodbyes this week😿 I’m
so excited to see all yall, but I am going to miss these people so
much! I wish I could take them with me. There are good people wherever
you Go! And the more you get to know them, the more good you see in
them. This gospel is so good and so true.

💪🏼Stay Strong
❤ Sister Hawkins