Where do I begin? I feel like I’ve blinked and the whole thing was over. It has been a roller coaster of ups and downs, I wish I wouldn’t have to get off, but I’ll just be jumping onto a different roller coaster. I am excited to begin this next step of life and see what the Lord has in store. I was just blessed with many wonderful people this week. We had a great night with the Creasons this week. We taught a lesson about receiving revelation. I was praying for them a while back and asked for help. The Spirit said “Internet” What in the world? What am I supposed to do with that? I kept thinking and I was led to a cool analogy the Lord helped me see, I now call it “Google Pray” so we shared that and some wonderful videos. Guess what? Brother Creason had a dream this week. It was a special experience for us all and I think literally the coolest thing ever! The Spirit of God is so good and can bring us answers in so many ways!! Brother Creason even gave me a hug (shhhh) haha.

We had our last Mission LeadershipCouncil & Zone Training this week. I am just going to miss these missionaries soooooo much! Grateful I don’t have to miss the gospel & that I can bring that with me! Also that social media and technology is a thing so our goodbyes won’t be for long.

We were able to have a special experience with President and Sister Taggart, they took all he departing missionaries to the temple ❤️ the Spirit was so strong as usual in the house of the Lord. I wish I could tell you all the details and help you to feel the same thing I did, but my words couldn’t do it justice. I did realize how much I have changed, how much more I desire to follow God.

We also had out departure dinner with the Taggarts. We spent three hours with them eating, laughing, and crying. We all shared out testimonies it was a special evening.

General Conference, a broadcast of the modern day prophets and apostles happens twice a year! It happened this weekend and It was fabulous!! President challenged us to take a question and as we listened to the conference he promised we would find an answer. I had a bunch of questions and by the end of the first session I turned to my companion and said I need more questions! Mine were all answered! It was amazing! I felt peace and a desire to improve. The doctrines of the gospel are MY favorite! Christ is MY favorite! I want to be more like my Savior and walk in His steps.

Said my goodbyes to Martha. I am going to miss her so much! She is just fabulous. She gave me the cutest little gift.

Also goodbyes to the Lambourne family. I literally love them and am always laughing with them and I love them!

And the Stephens ❤️ also love them.

And the Onoyas they bought me this little cake that said Goodluck Sister Hawkins and we invited her to be baptized and lots of Spirit and tears were shed and I am so excited for them!!

And Brother & Sister D. I cried in the car after that one. I’ve feel like part of the family. I’ve been at their house every week for three months! They are just amazing. I know He will get an answer to his prayers.

Moral of the story is I wish you could meet all these fabulous people and nothing brings you closer together than the gospel of Jesus Christ. I am so excited to come share all my stories with you all!! I want to see all of your beautiful faces ASAP so facetime me or whatever the kids do these days.


By the way – Kaitlin will be speaking in church on April 23rd. 9:00am at 310 Wellington Drive, Bossier City. Everyone is welcome to attend!