Tender Mercies

Many Tender Mercies

I have a new companion Sister Kieffer whom is awesome! She is from Springville. Shout out to Whitney. And has been out 11.5 months. Her favorite color is green. Favorite animal is a dog. She was studying civil engineering at BYU. So hopefully after we are companions I will be smarter. But we are both severely directionally challenged so we thank y’all for our GPS everyday!!!! So lots of awesome experiences this week I think I will do tender mercy bullet points.

  • Sad goodbye to Sister Webb, which was super sad, but I didn’t have a mental break down and I didn’t spill anything in her dress. SUCCESS!
  • We looked at were we were going next on our plans and I think spell check did a special number I could not understand what I had planned for so we tried someone else and found the coolest guy names Timothy! We are super excited to see where he goes!
  • So we’ve made a special bond with this lady Martha I met a while back at the Brea Nativity. We just kind of became friends at the event and had us over to her home. We talked about her life and kids and she has ha d a rough few years, but is willing to look more to the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We are also super excited to see where she goes. She would be an AMAZING RS President!
  • We met this lady who hasn’t been to church in who knows how many years we asked if she read the Book of Mormon and she said she just never had an understanding of anything so she is letting us teach her the lessons and it is also amazing! She made us cookies and showed us her family history books and told us about her family being sealed and how she wants that for family now. Yay! Progress!
  • There is a family in the ward where the wife is struggling with ALS. She hasn’t been to church in a while, but her son just returned from his mission and they found a way for her to attend it was so awesome! Such a happy moment for them!
  • Have I mentioned that I just love the Lamborne family? These people are amazing! #Goals
  • So we are running out of miles sooooo we walked a lot this week and one day we walked a particularly long distance to see someone just as we get there we realize there is no house number to go with the street name…😒 but we look around and found a potiental. And she said we literally came at the most perfect timing. She actually has a friend that went to USU too and is now on a mission. We shared 2 Corinthians 12:7-10 one of my new favs. And the conversation was so natural, led right into our unquie message and she is excited to learn!
  • Okay so super cool opportunity. We got volunteered by some other missionaries 😑 to speak to 125 scouts and their parents about honoring our father and months and not killing people. They did a 10 commandment hike and hiked to different churches and learned about the 10 commandments. We had so much fun doing it. It was last minute and terrifying, but so so happy we were able to do it. We have a bright generation coming up! We even got a baggy for doing it!
  • Bro D came to church and Sunday School even though they said they wouldn’t be able to make it! Made my week!

And lots more things but you don’t have the time to read it and I don’t have the time to write it so know that God loves His children. If you pray for opportunities to be an instrument He will give you those opportunities. We’ve been inviting people to pray daily for opportunities. We had a member tell us I’ll try but I’m not sure of what more I can do. She told us at church today someone at work randomly can’t Up to her and asked if she knew anything about Mormons. How random. But not. Bc the Lord will answer our prayers. I love you all so much! Work hard and pray hard this week! Stay safe! Much ❤

💪🏼Stay Strong

          ❤ Sister Hawkins

It’s the Start of Something New


Transfers!!! My new companion will be…drum roll please……Sister
Kieffer! She is flipping awesome and hilarious and just an awesome
missionary so I’m pumped! Sister Webb goes home tomorrow sad day☹️.

But lots of wonderful things happened this week. We were able to go
with recent convert Jacob, and his girlfriend to the temple! It was
wonderful! He was able to do work for his older brother and his
grandfather! It was so special and Sister Taggart let us each take on
of her names. I never though I would get to do baptisms as a
missionary, but things just recently changed so that we could. Feel so
Also a man I taught on an exchange, Roderick, was baptized this week.
He has muscular dystrophy so Elder Hansen literally  carried him into the
font. And 2 other Elders helped. As the words ” I baptize you in the
name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. amen” were
stated you could just feel the spirit so strongly.  It was absolutely
beautiful and something I will never forget. It wasn’t easy getting
him there, he has been taught for a long time, but he received a
strong answer to his prayers and was just so ready!
I met Mater!
We put together a puzzle on New Years Eve and finally finished, but
after we finished everytime I closed my eyes I would see puzzle
pieces. It was the weirdest thing ever! It got kind of annoying bc I
could  not focus or sleep we were preparing for zone training that night
(struggling preparing) and knelt down in prayer. I asked that the
puzzle pieces would go away and immediately the thought came to my
mind “is the Lord trying to tell you something?” He was. All the
sudden I was able to make sense of the zone Training by comparing it
to a puzzle. I know it sounds crazy, but the analogy just helped all
my thoughts come together. And the puzzle pieces went away. I’m not
sure if y’all understand what I’m trying to say, but if something
won’t leave your head, ask yourself if the Lord is trying to tell you
something. Ponder on it. Pray and clarity will come. He answers
prayers of faith!!
We had Bro D and Carol come to sacrament meeting which was awesome!!
Happy day y’all!  So we don’t have much time today bc we have to make
up for the 2 hours we spent at the temple proselyting on our pday. We
are sooooo busy! I’ll send you lots of pics and know our Father loves
you.  All my love!

💪🏼Stay Strong
❤ Sister Hawkins

Happy Dayz


Hello my family and friends!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Talking with the fam last week was perfect! So much fun! Usually you feel home sick after those calls, but I felt more excited to work hard. For Sister Moon’s last pday activity we filled nylons with flour….and then hit each other with the, and played capture the flag. It was sooo much fun! We had dinner with the Orlando, my new favorite people. Then another lesson with Brother D! It was absolutely wonderful. His in laws were in town and made awesome member presents! He is closer than he has ever been to actually doing this. He still has a hard time completely accepting God and Jesus Christ, but he is keeping commitments and desires to know so his answer will be arriving soon! 😁Then they next day we took sister Moon to the mission office and said our goodbyes. I cried. It is so sad. I felt totally fine then all the sudden I had to say goodbye. But we’ve heard from her and she is doing well😊 Sister Webb’s sister actually got to go to the airport!! The rest of the day was really slow. We exchanges that night with Valley View sisters. I got to be with sister Sainan for the day which was absolutely wonderful😊 she is just the cutest person!

We had district meeting the next day which was just perfect. Last week was really good too. We’ve been talking about Christ like attributes, which is something I used to be obsessed with studying, but fell out of it. I’ve just been reminded of the importance of Christ like attributes in our lives!!!! So interesting to study. I finished the Book of Mormon Christmas night. Y’all it is true. If you doubt it, read it, pray on it, and you will know. I’ve started the book again looking for attributes of Christ and really pondering on how I can bring them into my life. Our district leader brought up something super interesting he said the closer you are to the Savior, the more light you have in your life, which also means more light is shed on your weaknesses. You really just see how wonderful God is and your many weaknesses (humility), but how knowing those weaknesses will help us to become stronger.

We went over and read the scriptures with the Voges. Sister Voge prayed!!!! We about fell out of our seats! Happy day y’all! We were at our ward mission leaders house going over the ward list and their little grandson was there soooo cute😍 I guess after we left he was asking grandma “where are the minaries” and she didn’t understand what he was saying and kept asking him to repeat himself, then he was frustrated and said “where are grandpas friends” 😂 who cute children are funny.

We got to finally see Kyle Berlinger be baptized! He has been waiting 3 years and the 31st was the day. He bore his testimony and this 18 year old kid spoke like an apostle. It was AMAZING. Carol was able to come to and it was just fabulous. Also got to see all my old Anaheim Hills people❤

That same day we went to our ward mission leaders home. Each year they have a Chow Mien open house/ party thing. So we ate there Saturday and Sunday haha. I really like them. Also her house is adorable and covered in red and white polka dots. Mom you would love it.

We met with Jacob a recent convert in our ward and found some family names to take to the temple! We were going to get to go with him to do them, but this week is completely insane and requirements to go do baptisms with converts are difficult to reach.

Sister Webb leaves me next week☹️ I don’t like sending people home it is really stressful  and depressing. But also really happy. But anyways this week was awesome! The gospel is true. Christ loves you. Xoxo
💪🏼Stay Strong

          ❤ Sister Hawkins 

It’s Beginning to Feel A lot Like Christmas

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas! There is this amazing
neighborhood where all the people decorate with Christmas lights, the
first night we saw it we were just in awe! People go crazy! But I love
it bc it is fun and it brings lots of people and we loooove talking to
people! We went one night and handed out LightTheWorld cards, I also
lost my name tag along the way so I have a temporary name tag while
Elder Jameson orders me a new one😂 I feel like I’m in high school
again with a temporary badge! Anyways we saw many many many tender
mercies this week. We were on exchanges and Sister Harrison a new
sister was with Sister Moon and I. We finally got into this complex
that has been super confusing. We knocked into a less active member.
He told us his conversion and just broke down crying as he did so. The
spirit was so there. His mom passed away and he did her work in the
temple and really wants that for his dad too so they can be sealed but
he needs to come back to church. For some reason he just kind of got
lost and hasn’t been contacted in a while. We have an appointment next
week and are so excited to see where this goes. His wife is not a
member, but we are hoping she will be prepared. We also knocked on the
wrong door by accident and met the coolest guy, Mike. We were able to
show him the Christmas video and teach the restored gospel. Nothing is
an accident in the Lord’s hands. Oh also we had an awesome church tour
with an investigator the missionaries have been working with for a
long while, Carol!!! And she is on date for baptism now for December
31st! It is going to be really hard but I know she can do it! What an
amazing way to start the new year, and to be born again. Keep her in
your prayers. She came to church for the first time this Sunday. She
is just the best. A young man, Jacob, just was baptized in our ward
not to long ago. He is just 19 and was called to teach our gospel
principles class today! We are so excited for him and we got to do
some family history today with him too! He is just so solid! It is
just so inspiring to see people really grasp onto the gospel.
Our stake does this huge live Nativity every year. It is a community
event! They have pastors from other churches in the production, even
the mayor! It is outside and then cookies and hot chocolate and
creshes galore in the gym. We met so many awesome people willing to
have us come over and teach more! Members would bring there friends to
our little table we would share the Christmas video, talk about the
gospel and it was just the most awesome thing. I feel like a lot of
relationships were built. It was seriously any missionaries dream. We
are so so blessed to be in this ward. This was the same Nativity I was
at last year with the camel!
SorryI haven’t been writing much and I’m trying to write more for you mom 😊
But at the moment I can’t think of much. We’ve just met some really
amazing people I really wish I could do this full time for the rest of
my life yes it is hard but you meet just so many amazing people. I
just love the people I’ve met on my mission. All of them, just
amazing!!!! Oh I know a cool tender mercy. We called sister from our
church and her husband and they answered and told us they had lost
something really important and asked us to pray they would find it. I
said a little prayer in my head and not even 10 minutes later they
called and said they found it! I love answered prayers like that! We
are still in the process of finding new investigators. Sister Webb
doesn’t believe in tracting so we’ve really just been cleaning out the
area Book which I like, because all these people have been somewhat
interested at some point.
We went to visit the Jones and they couldn’t meet, but Brother Jones
told us people just down the street have the same last name as me! We
went by and I’m not sure if we are related. The young man we talked to
said his grandpas name is Ed. Do we have any Ed Hawkins? But it was
really cool we got to talk about family history and such! On the same
street we met Jessica, we were showing the Christmas video and I just
said a little prayer that she would have questions about our faith so
we could continue our conversation and she started asking questions during
the video and didn’t even watch it she just had a million questions.
It was the coolest thing and she accepted a Book of Mormon and we have
a return appointment! Yay! She has a super strong faith in Christ!!
She wants to go to the place Jesus walked! I do too!
My companions and I are still having so much fun! I really just feel
so blessed to be here and hope I can accomplish all I need to. Love you
much! Light the World y’all!

💪🏼Stay Strong
❤ Sister Hawkins

Just casually #LIGHTINtheWORLD

We have been so excited to share the Light The World Christmas Video

with everyone we see! I hear it is all over social media which just

brings the biggest smile to my face. We really are lighting the world!

We did lots of service this week!

We tried one last person right before we were to go in for the night, they weren’t

interested, but Sister Webb said let’s try one more across the street.

A woman came up the the screen window and I just said we are showing a

Christmas video and hit play. She watched and I think really felt the

Spirit. She asked what is this all about. She didn’t speak much

English but we were able to testify simply of Christ. “There was a man

names Jesus Christ who loved everyone. He had a very hard life. He

sacrificed himself for you and me. We can come to have complete joy as

we look to him in our lives. “That’s not what I said exactly, but I

mean how beautiful is that simple truth? It is just wonderful! Anyways

so we got to pass her to missionaries that speak Korean and I was just

so excited to meet someone receptive to the spirit. There are many

kind people. I have never felt so welcomed to a ward. Everyone just

seems to want to lift one another. It is also another reorganized

stake and the ward has come together so well! My companions are so

much fun! We laugh all the time! ALL THE TIME! I should probably laugh

less, but we are having lots of fun. Our beds are all right next to each other and it’s nice and cozy!

We met a man who said we could

come back Sunday, we did, and he was having some sort of Peruvian

party! They have like an association of local Peruvians that get

together and make bags full of goodies for the homeless here and in

Peru. It was so neat and they were just so excited we were there, they

even wanted to take a picture with us haha😊

We are teaching this father and son right now. We had no idea what to

teach this week. It was at a Members home. He had a question which led

into the perfect lesson. I was so grateful, bc our plan wasn’t really

a plan. Try your best and follow the spirit it will all work out! It

was a really awesome lesson and I made a note in my iPad a long time

ago that totally needed to be said it was just the coolest thing how

everything came together. The members were so great in answering

questions! I feel so blessed and just so excited to work hard! I’m

going to miss this more than anything so I’ll just try to make the

most it while I can! I wish I could tell y’all all about the amazing

people we meet each day but there isn’t enough time in the day! This

is the Lords work. He can and is a light to us all. The question is

will we hide from that light or embrace it? And if we embrace will it

become part of us? Will we radiate the light He had given us? We can

always do better until that perfect day.

Love you all!

Mathew 5:14-16  Ye are the light of the world. A city that is set on

an hill cannot be hid. Neither do men light a candle, and put it under

a bushel, but on a candlestick; and it giveth light unto all that are

in the house. Let your light so shine before men, that they may see

your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven.

Doctrine & Covenants 50:24 That which is of God is light; and he that

receiveth light, and continueth in God, receiveth more light; and that

light groweth brighter and brighter until the perfect day.

💪🏼Stay Strong

        ❤ Sister Hawkins

Goodbye Valley View

Transfers! I’m going to Brea, which I’m super stoked about but I am
going to miss my people so much!!!!!! Thanksgiving was awesome! We
have a member who is coming back to church and has been homeless for a
long time. We wanted to have a lunch with him on thanksgiving since he
has no family. We are broke so we thought we would get subway turkey
sandwiches. A member found out about it and offered to bring pie. She
called us the day before and said she would make us the entire
Thanksgiving lunch! Y’all she came with all the stuff and we had the
cutest little picnic at the park. Just totally warms my heart ❤️ we
then had another thanksgiving dinner with the Youngermans, Winn’s, and
Clarks. And we met some awesome people and it was just a great day!
Y’all this Sunday at church we had 5 investigators come to church!
That is not normal. Joe and his friend came! Finally!!! It has only
taken 7 months. I’m really excited to hear about the progress he
makes. Fran and her granddaughters came too! We haven’t been able to
teach her for almost 2 months and we just texted her and invited her
to our special sacrament service and she came! She even brought me a
going away gift. People are so kind! For our sacrament meeting we had
6 people who converted to the church or left and came back share
testimony. It was absolutely wonderful! And the cutest little girl
sang I am A Child of God. It was perfect. Oh and Tom this man we
tracted into came. Then Tim, the part member we’ve been working with.
I love there family so much! I love sooo many families here!!!l they
have shown me so much love!
I’m not sure if any of this makes sense, but know I’m doing so well.
I’m sad to leave, but I’ll be back!! The gospel is true. The
Lords hand is truly in our lives!
💪🏼Stay Strong
❤ Sister Hawkins

Happy Turkey Day

My week.

  • it is November and in the 90s. 😎 except now it is cold and raining! Hallelujah for rain! I’ve missed it sooo much☔
  • So we knock on a door and I’m talking to the woman and her cat is causally walking out of her house (remember just last week we’re holding someone’s cat and it ran away forever, so we are now hecka cautious) and this is probably normal, but Sister Sainan was traumatized from our last experience. So I’m talking and the lady is telling me how she has another faith and isn’t interested and I look over (thankfully the woman didn’t see) and sister Sainan is holding the cat by the arm!!! And I think my face said it all. The lady looked over and sister Sainan was cradling the cat like a baby. I just laugh so hard when I think about the moment I looked over And she is holing a cat by its leg. But the cat did not escape and will probably never want to again. 😂😂
  • We were walking to an investigator’s house and I took a big step to get on the curb, I stepped to early and just stopped my foot in the biggest puddle. It was so loud and people and saw me and Sister Sainan couldn’t pull herself together after watching my moment of grace. Lots of laughs.
  • We had awesome Zone Conference this week! We talked about our world and what it is like to be a missionary in the word today. We also received training on gaining more faith to find which was perfect! Oh and how we can use family history more! And the new Christmas Initiative! Y’all it is so good! It comes out the day after thanksgiving and I can’t wait for you to see and apply it! The church has put out an advent calendar of “In 25 Days. Over 25 Days” Each day is something the Savior did and how we can emulate him in our lives! I challenge you all to do it! And share it on social media #LightTheWorld. We can all come together as Christian people, and light the world with the love of Christ!
  • We had the coolest Relief Society activity based around the Book 100 dresses! We donated almost 100 dresses to this foundation where they help woman get jobs and such. And my favorite Sister Winn just gave an awesome lesson! Mom she reminds me of you!
  • Lillie is the cutest old lady I’ve ever met and she still has so much spunk! She is a hard core Catholic and not interested but she feels God sent us to her so she could discuss with someone about God. We’ve decided to go visit her each week as service, she is all alone and has so much to say and no one to say it too. I really think she should make a YouTube channel. I think I might have written this before…if so mom just delete it.

We are super excited for Thanksgiving week!!!!!!!!!! We will be well fed. I am so grateful for the Savior and His Atoning sacrifice. For the restoration of the priesthood. For an evidence of that restoration. I’m grateful for the most wonderful family. I seriously am so blessed to have all the opportunities and experiment I’ve been given. Y’all the Lord is SO real and SO aware of you and your struggles and doubts. He is reaching out ALWAYS to lift us.

Attitude of Gratitude.

💪🏼Stay Strong

          ❤ Sister Hawkins

Happy Halloween Y’All

We had an awesome Family Home Evening with the Cope fam this week. We talked about the Holy Ghost…haha get it because it is Halloween and Ghost 👻. It was
loads of fun.
We had the best service ever this week! An area 70 requested a few
missionaries to come help out at their school carnival. We get there
and they want us to set up the haunted house! They just gave us a
bunch of stuff and let us do whatever we wanted! It was sooo fun!
We tracked into the cutest old lady this week. She is in her 80s and
just talked to us for 30 minutes through the door bc she couldn’t open
it. She has traveled the world and has the best stories to tell, I
felt she is so prepared we just have to get her to stop talking so she
can hear our message 😂 I think she should create her own YouTube
channel that is how entertaining this woman is. Anyways she invited us
to come back when her daughter was home. We came back and they were
just soooo kind!
I can’t remember if I told you about Cindy. She is familiar with the
church bc of family members and she said she would pray about taking
the lessons. We dropped by almost everyday and no answer. Fast forward
two weeks she comes smiling to the door invited us in and we have a
great chat with her and her husband. They are going to start reading
the Book of Mormon and feel something is missing in their lives. I
just know if they actually read and pray about it that hole will be
filled! The Atonement will fill it!
I was on exchanges w Sister Moon and we were going to visit a man we
met a few weeks ago. He comes out and is super friendly then his wife
comes out and asks what religion we are then goes off on us. Like just
so rude. Like yelling at us and telling us we don’t believe in Christ.
And sister Moon started laughing. Mom it was one of those
inappropriate moments you just can’t help but laugh. We just left. It
was sad I think the man was hecka embarrassed. But hey she has just
been misinformed. I know if she would let us share what we really
believe she wouldn’t have done that. Forgive them for they know not
what they do. My approach to everyone in life. It’s weird the love the
Lord allows you to have for complete strangers. I just feel so blessed
to have this opportunity. I love studies in the morning! There is
sooooo much to learn. I’ve been focusing on the Atonement of
Christ❤️❤️❤️ seriously brings me so much happiness. If you ever feel
down, just start reading about the Atonement and your frown will be
turned upside down. I know the Lord lives. I know He suffer our pains,
afflictions, and infirmaries (Editor’s Note: I think she meant infirmities, but she never could spell!) to make possible the beautiful Plan of
Salvation. He is everything. He is so good to us all. I hope you are
all just doing wonderfully!
💪🏼Stay Strong
❤ Sister Hawkins

October 24th


Zone conference was this week! Elder Carl B. Cook from the seventy
came with his wife! They were both amazing! I could have sat there all
day and listened to them and President Taggart! Nice strangers bought
us drinks his week. We met with William this week he is really doing
well. He was the man living in his car that was baptized a long time
ago! He hasn’t missed church once. He reads the scriptures and comes
to all the activities! Things are looking up for him. The Lord led us
to a few people this week. One of them her husband had just died a
week ago and was struggling with that. We were able to give her a big
hug. It was just so sad. But happy bc we know he is going to a
wonderful place. We both saw a teaching record and felt we should see
them at separate times so we went Thursday and met a wonderful woman
Anna and her children. We are excited to start teaching them the
lessons! We also had a FHE family history night which was a
total success! We weren’t there for most of it but people came and
said they had fun! And sister Sai found 4 cards to take to the temple!
I, sorry this email is all over the place it has been a crazy pday! We
did yoga, downtown Disney, and all the regular stuff! I am so grateful
to be here! I’m grateful for the Atonement of our Savior Jesus Christ.
He really is the way. It’s a joyful way.

Love You!

Sister Hawkins

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